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Back Pain: Is It Environmental or Genetic?11 years 19 weeks ago2058
Back Pain: It Doesn't Just Affect the Spine13 years 17 weeks ago1463
Back Pain: It's Not a Walk in the Park16 years 49 weeks ago1571
Back Pain: It's Not Just For Adults14 years 40 weeks ago1814
Back Protection when Faced with Sudden and Shifting Loads14 years 49 weeks ago1920
Back School Improves Quality of Life Among Back Pain Sufferers10 years 30 weeks ago2160
Back Schools: How Much Does Your Back Really Learn?13 years 15 weeks ago1438
Back Strength and the Battle of the Sexes16 years 19 weeks ago1629
Back Strengthening Exercises for Low Back Pain10 years 51 weeks ago2875
Back Surgery During Pregnancy Gets the OK--If It's an Emergency17 years 44 weeks ago2354
Back Surgery Isn't Only about Pain16 years 29 weeks ago1679
Back Surgery, the Movie--Coming Soon to a Surgeon's Office Near You18 years 1 week ago2887
Back to Action after Surgery for Spondylolysis16 years 8 weeks ago1599
Back to the Future for Neck Surgery15 years 29 weeks ago1926
Back X-rays Can See if Your Slip Is Showing16 years 24 weeks ago1893
Backache Index (BAI): New Tool for Measuring Treatment Success12 years 16 weeks ago1500
Backing Up Back Treatments That Work16 years 35 weeks ago1685
Backing Up Physical Therapy Treatments for Pregnant Women16 years 29 weeks ago1607
Backs and Beds10 years 44 weeks ago2957
Bah, Bah, Back Sheep: Effects of Stimulating Sheep Spines18 years 1 day ago2243
Balance Takes a Backseat in People with Low Back Pain17 years 37 weeks ago1577
Balancing Chronic Whiplash Injuries with Posturography14 years 40 weeks ago1818
Ball-and-Socket Disc Implant Restores Neck Motion13 years 45 weeks ago2276
Balloons for Back Bones16 years 3 weeks ago2904
Bed Rest for Back Pain? This Study Puts the Issue to Rest17 years 20 weeks ago1610
Behavioral Therapy Turns Subacute Back Pain Patients Toward Recovery9 years 44 weeks ago2147
Benchmark Results Obtained to Compare the Success of Spine Fusion16 years 13 weeks ago1791
Bending Over Backwards to Affect Disc Pain in the Low Back18 years 1 day ago5307
Bending Over Backwards to Prevent Back Pain16 years 5 weeks ago1800
Bending the Rules about Back Pain and Disability15 years 46 weeks ago1518

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