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Most Likely to See a Chiropractor: Educated White Women Win16 years 50 weeks ago1767
Obesity and Back Problems: Connecting the Dots16 years 50 weeks ago2065
Smokers: Don't Read This16 years 50 weeks ago2084
Straightening Out Adolescent Scoliosis: Does Bracing Help?16 years 50 weeks ago2251
What Is Worse Than a Loose Screw? A Broken One in Your Back!16 years 50 weeks ago1631
It Takes a Village to Carry a Backpack16 years 50 weeks ago2056
Pick This Up: How to Lift without Losing Your Balance16 years 51 weeks ago1545
A New Look at Sciatica: X-ray Technology Brings Injections into Sharper Focus16 years 51 weeks ago2112
Athletes Go to the Core for Better Back Strength16 years 51 weeks ago1566
Athletes, Look Forward When Watching Your Back17 years 2 weeks ago1636
Mind Your Back Pain: The Effects of Pain and Mental Health on Physical Performance17 years 2 weeks ago1524
Back Pain Got You Down Under? Aussies Fear Not17 years 2 weeks ago1597
Do Measures of Pain Measure Up? Visual Analog Scales for Low Back Pain17 years 2 weeks ago1779
The Screwy Results of Spinal Fusion Surgery: "External Fixation" Doesn't Predict Whether Surgery Spells Relief17 years 2 weeks ago1639
Car Crash Testing Is Not Just for Dummies17 years 2 weeks ago2103
Teens and Exercise: Movement Skills Help Determine Whether Kids "Just Do It"17 years 2 weeks ago1810
Testing Tried-and-True Treatments for Low Back Pain17 years 5 weeks ago1620
Youngsters Spines Offer a Roadmap for Back Pain17 years 5 weeks ago1815
Head-Turning Research: Whiplash Reduces Neck Movement17 years 5 weeks ago2152
Who Is Afraid of Back Pain--And Does It Affect Their Recovery?17 years 5 weeks ago1563
Never a Nerve Stretch after Spine Surgery17 years 5 weeks ago2307
Under-Par Abdominals May Influence Back Pain in Golfers17 years 6 weeks ago1703
The Long and Short of How Back Muscles Work17 years 6 weeks ago1830
Are All Those Low Back Exercises Really Doing Something?17 years 6 weeks ago1762
Walking Patterns in Patients with Low Back Pain17 years 6 weeks ago1723
News Flash after the Hot Flash: Estrogen Replacement Is Linked to Back Pain in Postmenopausal Women17 years 6 weeks ago1944
Bona Fide Treatment for Spinal Compression Fractures in Patients with Osteoporosis17 years 7 weeks ago2438
Treating Youngsters with "Slipped Discs"17 years 7 weeks ago1850
A Self-Help Booklet: Does It Help with Back Pain?17 years 7 weeks ago2048
Is Your Job a Pain in the Neck? Linking Psychosocial Work Factors and Neck Pain17 years 7 weeks ago2110

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