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Getting a Fix Beforehand on Whether Fusion Will Work15 years 42 weeks ago1491
New Ideas to Surgically Stabilize the Low Back15 years 19 weeks ago1491
Exercise Regularly to Beat Chronic Low Back Pain14 years 41 weeks ago1491
Semilight Workout for Chronic Low Back Pain Equal to One-on-One Care12 years 50 weeks ago1491
Comparing Artificial Disc Replacement at One- Versus Two-Levels12 years 14 weeks ago1491
When It Comes to Back Pain, There's Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself15 years 19 weeks ago1492
Factors Influencing Back Pain14 years 22 weeks ago1492
High Cholesterol Linked with Low Back Pain14 years 10 weeks ago1492
Women and Low Back Pain: Is There a Hormonal Link?12 years 30 weeks ago1492
New Technology for Spinal Stenosis11 years 44 weeks ago1492
Titanium Cages Don't Share the Load Evenly15 years 42 weeks ago1493
Patterns of Analgesic Prescriptions for Low Back Pain13 years 31 weeks ago1493
Do Back Belts Protect from Injury? Another Notch in the Research16 years 50 weeks ago1494
Online Information about Low Back Pain Is Often Off Track15 years 50 weeks ago1494
Better Results with Evidence-Based Care for Low Back Pain11 years 40 weeks ago1494
Does Physical Fitness Decline with Chronic Back Pain?11 years 26 weeks ago1494
Relief from Back Pain Doesn't Always Improve Quality of Life14 years 49 weeks ago1495
The Sunny Side of Vitamin D Supplements16 years 2 weeks ago1495
Lower Spine Muscles Mismatched by SI Joint Pain15 years 24 weeks ago1495
Long-Term Results of Lumbar Fusion with Pedicle Screws15 years 24 weeks ago1495
Measuring Loads in the Spine While Lifting Off Center14 years 41 weeks ago1495
Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement: How Safe Are They?13 years 22 weeks ago1495
Identifying Patients at Risk for Future Back Problems12 years 36 weeks ago1495
Take One Discogram, and Call Me in the Morning13 years 32 weeks ago1496
Case Report of Artificial Disc Failure12 years 50 weeks ago1496
Mechanical Therapy before Surgery for Disc Pain15 years 33 weeks ago1497
Up Front about Approaches for Spinal Fusion16 years 13 weeks ago1498
Exercise and Low Back Pain13 years 46 weeks ago1498
Questions Doctors Ask About Low Back Pain12 years 46 weeks ago1499
Physical Therapists Attempt to Classify Low Back Pain14 years 19 weeks ago1500

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