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Bringing Home the Back Pain15 years 12 weeks ago2006
British Verify Use of American Method of Predicting Chronic Low Back Pain10 years 46 weeks ago1981
Cages Preferred Over Dowels for Spinal Fusion11 years 27 weeks ago1746
Cagey New Spine Fusion Techniques Packed for Success16 years 13 weeks ago1844
Calcium Crystal Deposits in the Disc11 years 24 weeks ago4762
Can a Shoe Insert Reduce Back Pain?13 years 10 weeks ago1925
Can Back Pain Prevention Programs Reduce Ecomonic Losses From Lower Back Pain Injuries?11 years 42 weeks ago1707
Can Back Pain Prevention Programs Reduce Economic Losses From Lower Back Pain Injuries?11 years 44 weeks ago1436
Can Core Exercises Really Prevent or Cure Back Pain?11 years 10 weeks ago3028
Can Decompression Surgery Reduce Leg Cramps Linked with Spinal Stenosis?9 years 48 weeks ago4139
Can Exercise Help Relieve Lower Back Pain?11 years 41 weeks ago1686
Can Patients With Previous Spine Surgery Have an Artificial Disc Replacement?11 years 2 weeks ago1749
Can Physical Therapy Reduce the Total Cost of Care for Low Back Pain?10 years 28 weeks ago2270
Car Crash Testing Is Not Just for Dummies17 years 2 weeks ago2102
Careful Patient Selection Yields Good Results With IDET10 years 50 weeks ago2071
Case Report of a Rare Spinal Injury15 years 2 weeks ago1900
Case Report of Artificial Disc Failure12 years 49 weeks ago1496
Case Report of Chiari Formation Affecting the Cauda Equina11 years 45 weeks ago1576
Case Report of Rare Spinal Tumor11 years 41 weeks ago2027
Case Report of Torn Ligament in Whiplash Associated Disorder10 years 33 weeks ago3131
Case study of Patient with Giant Spiral Arachnoid Cyst Following Phenol Intrathecal Injection10 years 40 weeks ago6074
Cause and Treatment of Lumbar Scoliosis in Older Adults11 years 24 weeks ago1962
Cause of a Teenaged Crack in the Back16 years 9 weeks ago1554
Cause of Cement Leakage After Vertebroplasty12 years 33 weeks ago2701
Causes of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome11 years 34 weeks ago4198
Cementing the Spine15 years 19 weeks ago3039
Centering In on the Spine15 years 33 weeks ago1655
Cervical Collars Not Necessarily Helpful After Single-Level Anterior Cervical Fusion with Plate10 years 4 weeks ago3952
Cervical Corpectomy Is Not a Military Rank15 years 19 weeks ago2362
Cervical Medial Branch Blocks for Chronic Cervical Facet Joint Pain10 years 25 weeks ago3049

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