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Spinal Fusion, Degenerative Changes, and Clinical Outcomes Are Linked10 years 46 weeks ago4135
Success of Repeated Percutaneous Vertebroplasty10 years 46 weeks ago1975
Fusion of Odontoid Nonunion Fractures10 years 46 weeks ago3965
A guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis.10 years 47 weeks ago3118
Studies Lacking in Understanding of Late Whiplash Syndrome10 years 47 weeks ago1942
Benefit of Arm Exercises in Rehab Program for Low Back Pain10 years 47 weeks ago2112
Best Treatment Practice for Chronic Neck Pain10 years 48 weeks ago2867
Systematic Review of Neck Pain Assessment10 years 48 weeks ago2287
Results of Surgery and Injections for Neck Pain10 years 48 weeks ago3233
Does the Patient's Position Affect the Results of Spinal Fusion?10 years 48 weeks ago2550
What's the Best Treatment for Neck Pain?10 years 48 weeks ago2686
Best Way to Monitor Neurologic Function During Cervical Spine Surgery10 years 48 weeks ago2227
Series of Epidural Steroid Injections May Not Be Helpful for Treatment of Radicular Low Back Pain10 years 48 weeks ago2366
Surgeons Advised to Avoid Presence-or-Absence Method for Intraoperative Monitoring10 years 49 weeks ago1872
Change in Attitude and Beliefs About Neck Pain Needed10 years 49 weeks ago2070
How Do We Know What Is the Best Evidence on Treatment of Neck Pain?10 years 49 weeks ago2094
A New Model for the Onset, Course, and Care of Neck Pain10 years 49 weeks ago2362
Overview of the Bone and Joint Decade Task Force Findings10 years 49 weeks ago2672
What to Expect When Recovering from a Whiplash-Associated Disorder10 years 49 weeks ago2321
Preventing Low Back Pain in Adults with Scoliosis10 years 49 weeks ago2047
Comparing Treatment Programs for Back Pain Based on Cost Savings10 years 49 weeks ago2017
First Study to Compare Back Pain Relief Between Surgery and Nonoperative Care for Disc Herniation10 years 49 weeks ago1704
Careful Patient Selection Yields Good Results With IDET10 years 50 weeks ago2072
Supervised Exercise for Chronic Low Back Pain: Is It Really Needed?10 years 50 weeks ago1754
No Benefit Reported from Viscosupplementation of the Spine10 years 50 weeks ago2103
Results of IDET in Worker's Compensation Employees10 years 50 weeks ago2465
New VAX-D Traction Technology for Low Back Pain10 years 50 weeks ago2234
Searching For An Effective Way to Treat Chronic Low Back Pain10 years 50 weeks ago2287
Management of Chronic Low Back Pain with Epidural Steroid Injections10 years 50 weeks ago2216
Chronic Low Back Pain Treatment with Physical Therapy Modalities10 years 50 weeks ago2301

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