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"X" Marks the Spot When Treating Low Back Pain17 years 39 weeks ago3010
Back Pain Can Be a Real Pain in the Backside17 years 37 weeks ago1663
Quest for the Artificial Disc17 years 37 weeks ago2160
Balance Takes a Backseat in People with Low Back Pain17 years 37 weeks ago1577
For Neck Problems, One Wrong Turn Often Leads to Another17 years 37 weeks ago2039
I Have Got a Hunch. Will Being Active Take It Away?17 years 34 weeks ago2443
To Play or Not to Play? Doctors Have Different Opinions17 years 34 weeks ago1941
The Effect of Smoking on Neck Surgery: It's Not Just Smoke and Mirrors17 years 33 weeks ago1846
Looking Back at Back Surgery17 years 32 weeks ago1718
Going to Work Can Be a Pain in the Back17 years 32 weeks ago1668
Do You Need an X-ray for Low Back Pain?17 years 31 weeks ago1938
To Bend or Not to Bend? Physical Therapy Relief for Sacroiliac Joint Pain Is the Answer17 years 31 weeks ago1626
A Bad Back in the Saddle17 years 31 weeks ago3494
Scaling Mount Sciatica: Will Surgery Help?17 years 28 weeks ago1647
Reading, Writing--and Posture? Kids Get an A+ after Early Prevention Program to Prevent Low Back Pain17 years 28 weeks ago1512
Body Weight May Carry Little Weight with Back Pain17 years 28 weeks ago1645
Whiplash Won't "Whip" You for Long17 years 28 weeks ago2018
Sticking It to Injection Therapy Research17 years 28 weeks ago1645
Sidelining Football Players with Headaches17 years 28 weeks ago3830
Right or Left? Neck Surgeons Don't Have to Choose Sides17 years 20 weeks ago1905
Older Backs Have a Harder Time Bouncing Back17 years 20 weeks ago1567
MRI Is Not a Fortune Teller17 years 20 weeks ago2033
Putting a Stop to Future Low Back Pain17 years 20 weeks ago1736
Got Low Back Pain? Then Get Moving (Part 1)17 years 20 weeks ago1881
Bed Rest for Back Pain? This Study Puts the Issue to Rest17 years 20 weeks ago1610
Get Fit to Fight Low Back Pain17 years 20 weeks ago1580
Got Low Back Pain? Then Get Moving (Part 2)17 years 20 weeks ago2056
Got Low Back Pain? Then Get Moving (Part 3)17 years 20 weeks ago1871
Surgeon's Toolbox: New Hardware for Neck Surgery17 years 16 weeks ago2077
The Leg Bone's Connected to the--Neck Bone? The Success of a Surgical Technique17 years 16 weeks ago2042

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