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When to Order CT Scans for Acute Low Back Pain12 years 43 weeks ago1480
Pain Relief with Injection Doesn't Depend on Needle Tip Position12 years 40 weeks ago1480
Partial Disc Replacement Works Well for Some Patients15 years 19 weeks ago1481
Putting Low Back Tests to the Test15 years 2 weeks ago1481
Predicting Pain and Function in Patients with Low Back Pain13 years 43 weeks ago1481
Long-Term Results for Worker's Compensation Patients with Low Back Pain12 years 4 weeks ago1481
Paying a "Complement" to Other Health Providers15 years 51 weeks ago1482
What Is Good For the Shoulder May Work For the Back15 years 51 weeks ago1482
Back Pain Improves Quickest with a Specific Treatment Program15 years 12 weeks ago1482
Doing the Math for Best Results after Lumbar Stenosis Surgery14 years 46 weeks ago1483
Is There Any Advantage to Surgery for Spinal Stenosis?11 years 48 weeks ago1483
Lumbar Support Advised after Discectomy14 years 46 weeks ago1484
First Study to Look at Muscle Strength in Patients with Disc Herniation13 years 17 weeks ago1484
Returning to Work After Back Pain12 years 29 weeks ago1484
Lumbar Neutral Zone Exercises Prevent Low Back Pain12 years 22 weeks ago1484
Clinical Results of Two Total Disc Replacements Compared11 years 38 weeks ago1484
Exercise: The "Drug" of Choice for Back Pain14 years 49 weeks ago1485
Discovery of Back Pain Recovery15 years 37 weeks ago1486
Evidence Demands Compliance in Care of Acute Low Back Pain12 years 19 weeks ago1487
Will Spinal Fusion at One Level in the Low Back Mean a Second Fusion Later?15 years 19 weeks ago1487
National Survey Results on Low Back Pain12 years 11 weeks ago1487
Fear of Back Pain Disables More Than the Pain Itself13 years 31 weeks ago1488
Two Thumbs Up for CHARITE'™ Disc Replacement13 years 24 weeks ago1488
Getting in a Slump to Get Out of Back Pain16 years 24 weeks ago1489
Looking Back: Results of Artificial Disc Replacement13 years 15 weeks ago1489
New Trends in Lumbar Spine Surgery12 years 24 weeks ago1489
The Impact of Back Pain on Work Productivity12 years 4 weeks ago1489
Defining Best Treatments to Help Back Pain Sufferers Return to Work16 years 38 weeks ago1490
Low Back Pain: It's Not Just for Adults Anymore16 years 13 weeks ago1490
Getting a Fix Beforehand on Whether Fusion Will Work15 years 41 weeks ago1490

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