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Backache Index (BAI): New Tool for Measuring Treatment Success12 years 17 weeks ago1500
Exercise and Education Using the CBT Approach for Chronic Low Back Pain11 years 28 weeks ago1500
Thumbs Up for Patients with Foot Drop16 years 2 weeks ago1501
Teaching Young Cricketers New Spine-Healthy Tricks16 years 13 weeks ago1501
Trunk Muscles Work Together to Hold Up Spine15 years 37 weeks ago1501
Law Change in Canada Promotes Ability, Not Disability15 years 33 weeks ago1501
Drawing Conclusions About Back Pain and Depression13 years 31 weeks ago1502
Sacroiliac Joint or Low Back Pain? Special Tests to Help Decide13 years 2 weeks ago1502
Reliability of Tests for Low Back Pain11 years 42 weeks ago1502
Facet Joint Pain and Chronic Low Back Pain After Surgery11 years 44 weeks ago1503
Is Deconditioning the Result of Chronic Low Back Pain?11 years 26 weeks ago1503
Spine Surgery Results in Diabetic Patients14 years 47 weeks ago1504
Steroid Injections or Discectomy for Large Disc Herniations?14 years 38 weeks ago1504
Questioning Lumbar Fusion for Disc Degeneration15 years 15 weeks ago1505
Low Back Pain: No Benefit from Stabilization Exercises12 years 22 weeks ago1505
Why Do Stabilization Exercises Work for Some Back Patients?11 years 49 weeks ago1505
Meta-Analysis of the McKenzie Method12 years 36 weeks ago1506
MRI Not a Good Predictor of Low Back Pain12 years 14 weeks ago1506
Posterior Interbody Fusion Cages Get a Second Look15 years 12 weeks ago1507
Getting an Angle on Spinal Stability14 years 19 weeks ago1507
The Future of Spinal Surgery is Here13 years 25 weeks ago1507
Diskography Can Help With Back Surgery Decision12 years 51 weeks ago1507
Three Spinal Fusion Methods Compared12 years 30 weeks ago1508
Spinal Surgery Provides Higher Incidence of Relief for Spinal Stenosis11 years 41 weeks ago1510
Anterior Lumbar Surgery: Just How Safe Is It?14 years 19 weeks ago1511
Track and Field Athletes at Risk for Bone Spurs in the Spine14 years 3 weeks ago1511
Radiofrequency May Help Manage Chronic Facet Joint Pain11 years 30 weeks ago1511
Front to Back Comparison of Spine Fusion15 years 7 weeks ago1512
The High Cost of Depression12 years 10 weeks ago1512
Reading, Writing--and Posture? Kids Get an A+ after Early Prevention Program to Prevent Low Back Pain17 years 29 weeks ago1513

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