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Reading, Writing--and Posture? Kids Get an A+ after Early Prevention Program to Prevent Low Back Pain17 years 28 weeks ago1512
Testing the Safety of Radiofrequency Treatment for Low Back Pain14 years 27 weeks ago1512
Surfing the Web for Information on Lumbar Disc Herniation13 years 32 weeks ago1512
Shifting Weight to Reduce Back Pain15 years 29 weeks ago1513
Scaling a Mountain of Pain13 years 25 weeks ago1515
Cracking the Code for Best Back Treatments16 years 5 weeks ago1516
Lumbar Fusion Throws Surgeons a Learning Curve13 years 35 weeks ago1516
Treating Back Pain with Antidepressants15 years 7 weeks ago1517
Questions About Steroid Injections for Back Pain11 years 46 weeks ago1517
Bending the Rules about Back Pain and Disability15 years 46 weeks ago1518
New Equipment Tested for Reliability of Spinal Strength and Motion Measurements12 years 39 weeks ago1518
Positioning Back Pain Patients for Comfort15 years 41 weeks ago1519
Muscle Energy Technique for Low Back Pain Studied15 years 14 weeks ago1519
Wanted: Best Rehab Program after Lumbar Disc Surgery13 years 31 weeks ago1519
Should Back Pain Be Ignored?12 years 16 weeks ago1519
Treatment for Disc Herniation: Does Surgery Make a Difference?11 years 40 weeks ago1519
The Fear of Back Pain13 years 31 weeks ago1520
Open TLIF Using Minimally Invasive Method12 years 48 weeks ago1520
Prevalence and Impact of Stenosis on Health12 years 30 weeks ago1520
Bodyblade May Not Be Safe For All Low Back Pain in Patients11 years 52 weeks ago1520
Mind Your Back Pain: The Effects of Pain and Mental Health on Physical Performance17 years 2 weeks ago1521
The Spine's Sixth Sense15 years 41 weeks ago1522
Exercise Works for Chronic Back Pain16 years 24 weeks ago1523
The Incredible Shrinking Disc13 years 32 weeks ago1523
Three Generations of Surgery for Disc Herniation16 years 38 weeks ago1524
Spine Fusion Results: Twenty Years Later14 years 46 weeks ago1524
Sending a Message about Back Pain16 years 9 weeks ago1527
Temporary Blood Loss during Anterior Spinal Fusion15 years 14 weeks ago1527
Natural Course of Low Back Pain12 years 4 weeks ago1527
Reoperations After Artificial Disc Replacement12 years 33 weeks ago1528

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