How can doctors calculate if you are getting enough oxygen, other than the obvious of you being sick or dying?

Doctors can often tell if someone is going to have difficulty with breathing by examining the upper body. If the rib cage is small or fixed in such a way that it can't expand on breathing, this can compromise respirations and the amount of oxygen that is taken in. This evaluation can be done with x-rays and with imaging such as computed tomography imaging, or CT scans.

Tests called pulmonary function tests evaluate how much air a person can hold in their lungs when they take a deep breath. Finally, if doctors are concerned about the amount of oxygen actually in the blood, an arterial blood gas, can measure this. This is a sample of blood that is taken from the artery, the blood vessels leaving the heart and lungs, carrying oxygenated blood, as opposed to the blood from the veins, where samples are usually taken. The blood in the veins is "used" and is returning to the heart and lungs for oxygen.

Norman Ramirez, MD et al. Natural History of Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome: A Spondylothoracic Dysplasia Perspective. In The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. December 2007. Vol. 89-A. Pp. 2663-2675.

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Wow thanks for the great answer here. Somehow I don't trust all doctors lately. Some of them are not even capable of taking a cna certification online. It is a horrible situation in our health care sector at the moment. The best way to know your diseases is to read some articles in the internet. However I hope that health care reform will change everything. Thanks for the answer one more time and keep posting such a useful information in the future too.


Man this is interesting... reminds me of the dementia that coronary bypass surgery can cause, or hair loss from chemo, although those are probably bad examples since those treatments are usually for terminal issues, where a decreased quality of live is still better than none at all... maybe like getting a glaucoma from eye drops? That's a no-brainer to me. But very interesting about discography. Also, I think that if you want to lose baby weight and feel better, you should exercise and eat healthy foods.

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Ilchi Lee:Even I had this doubt.Now I got clear idea about it through your blog.

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The only way to know that

The only way to know that you are getting the correct amount of oxygen is to check the oxygen level in your blood while using oxygen therapy. Too much oxygen can be as dangerous , and for that reason, you should follow your doctors directions precisely. If you do develop new symptoms, such as increased sleepiness, confusion, headaches, etc., you might be getting too much oxygen, and you should notify your physician immediately. Do not change the liter flow or hours of usage without first checking with your doctor.
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Lung volume measurement can be done in two ways

Lung volume measurement can be done in two ways:
* The most accurate way is to sit in a sealed, clear box that looks like a telephone booth (body plethysmograph) while breathing in and out into a mouthpiece. Changes in pressure inside the box help determine the lung volume.
* Lung volume can also be measured when you breathe nitrogen or helium gas through a tube for a certain period of time. The concentration of the gas in a chamber attached to the tube is measured to estimate the lung volume.
To measure diffusion capacity, you breathe a harmless gas for a very short time, often one breath. The concentration of the gas in the air you breathe out is measured. The difference in the amount of gas inhaled and exhaled measures how effectively gas travels from the lungs into the blood. If you want to find out more about this tests, just use research paper service .

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