How do doctors decide if a pain is real or imaginary if there's no proof, like a broken bone, or something?

Pain is a very individual experience and while some people are able to cope with intense pain, others have difficulty coping with what some may consider to be mild pain. Add to this that pain is not always caused by a specific thing, such as a broken bone, a cut in the skin, or a mass in the body and you will see that pain is very complex.

If a patient sees a doctor for pain that can't be tracked down to an obvious cause, the doctor must investigate further to see if an illness may be the problem. Some illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, cause pain but it can't be pinpointed such as a broken bone.

Imaginary pain is not necessarily not real. If a person is experiencing emotional pain that is coming out as physical pain, their experience must still be acknowledged and dealt with, although treatment may not be with pain relievers.

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Do any of you get imaginary

Do any of you get imaginary pains? I first learned about them from the article i downloaded from search. Since then I feel like my ocd is not the text book version where I obsess about numbers or repeated actions, I am just terribly concerned about my health. (I do have some more typical symtoms as well but they do not seem to get in the way of my life as much as my fear of death and fatal diseases.) I am constantly on the lookout for pain, to the point where if I look long enough I will find it. At that point I will freak out and think that it is cancer and that it will kill me. I tend to go to doctors a lot, but then I question them and rarely does it put my mind at ease unless they do all the tests that I want done.
For instance if my throat hurts I will immediately think of cancer and will stick my fingers down my throat to look for abnormalities to the point where I really hurt myslef. I can only be happy when nothing hurts but then I am convinced that something really bad is about to happen and wait for the pain till I actually feel it. Often my pain goes away when a doctor manages to convince me that I am ok, but then it comes back a month or so later. I cannot function like this anymore. I am on luvox and it's helping very little. Do any of you feel this way too? Please help...

It is indeed true that not

It is indeed true that not all have the same capability to endure pain. But the doctors have to conduct tests to find out the reason behind the pain. However, with regular medical check ups we could avoid a lot of health problems. Following a nutritious diet, adequate hydration and no addiction is the key to having good health.

There are advance medical

There are advance medical tests available that would help find out the true cause of the pain. Sometimes a pain could be a symptom of a serious disease. So it is better to be aware when you first experience pain, just go straight to your doctor. Advance procedures like colonic irrigation could help us stay healthy.

It is absolutely true that

It is absolutely true that sometimes pain could indicate a serious health problem. So if a patient is continuously complaining about some pain the doctor should take that seriously. We now have better technological facility such as teleradiology that helps us to detect the diseases more quickly as well as helps us to find a faster cure.

With proper screening and

With proper screening and tests doctors could be sure. Whenever you experience pain you should consult the doctor, even before using anything for your skin like jojoba oil you should talk to the doctor.

There has to be a proof, the

There has to be a proof, the doctor should conduct all sorts of medical tests possible to get to the core of the problem. For instance, when you complain about an eye problem your Eye Dr. would put you through a couple of tests before prescribing medicines.

The doctors have to conduct necessary

The doctors have to conduct necessary tests to be sure about the pain the patient is complaining about. If you feel any kind of discomfort in any part of your body you should consider going to the doctor. Now most health clinics could be approached online, for example, if you have problem in your eyes then you can find the help you need at http:/

Sometimes the pain could be intense

Sometimes the pain could be intense but the cause might not be external. So in such situations the doctors have to conduct a series of tests to find out the real cause. The doctors have to work hard to make their clinic more efficient by hiring a good billing service provider like ECFS which offers Medicare billing Edmond, OK area.

Sometimes the pain could be

Sometimes the pain could be chronic as well, in such situations the doctor might prescribe some tests. But now the patients themselves could understand the underlying cause of their health problems. There are health related blogs which supply you with all sorts of information, for example, if you are suffering from back pain then you can find the back pain info in the blogs.

Most of the time the patients complain

Most of the time the patients complain about real pain, but even if a doctor suspects that the pain is not real he should still take the issue seriously. The pain related problems occur mostly during the old age. However, now for the senior members good rehab facilities are available like A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab Cobb, which could be accessed at

Sometimes it really becomes difficult

Sometimes it really becomes difficult for the doctors to find out the real cause of pain. But in such situations it would be better to try out alternative methods like motivational interviewing, Dr. Bryan MD is a physician who prefers using this method, you can contact him at

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