I am having back problems. How will the doctor examine my spine?

As in other visits, your doctor will begin by asking you questions about your health history and your current symptoms. Then your doctor will physically examine you. In the case of spine problems, there are some common parts of the physical exam:

* Spine motion. How well can you twist and bend? Does it cause pain? Are you less flexible than you used to be?
* Pain. Your doctor will look for especially tender areas around your spine.
* Weakness. You will be given simple tests for muscle strength.
* Reflexes. Your doctor will test the tendon reflexes below the knee or behind the ankle.
* Sensory abilities. Your doctor will check to make sure you can detect certain sensations--such as a pin prick, heat, or cold--in parts of your feet and hands.
* Motor skills. You may be asked to walk on your heels or toes. 

Your doctor will also be on the lookout for indications of problems like tenderness in certain areas, a fever, abnormal pulse, or rapid weight loss. Your doctor may ask questions about steroid use. Any of these findings may mean you have another problem that is not directly related to a spine problem.

After the exam, your doctor may recommend further tests. The most frequently recommended tests initially are X-rays and other types of imaging tests, including MRIs and CT scans. Lab work, such as blood tests, may also be needed. 

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doctor examine

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doctor examine

It's perfectly normal sweetheart. Don't worry. I'm sure it causes some embarrassment but a lot of females doctors and nurses are quite used to it.
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doctor examine

It's perfectly normal sweetheart. Don't worry. I'm sure it causes some embarrassment but a lot of females doctors and nurses are quite used to it.

I am facing the same problem

I am facing the same problem since last two weeks. Thanks for the information. I am really benefited by it.
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I am having back problems

In pregnancy, as things move around, the ligaments that attach your uterus to your back will pull your back out of alignment. If you already have back problems (I have some bulging disks), it will make things much, much worse very quickly.
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When we are young, we think

When we are young, we think that our health and body will stay strong forever but as we get older, we realize that is not the truth. Spinal problems can be very painful and can have a long term effect on our health. That is why regular consults and preventive gymnastics are required especially after reaching the age of 40.

not a big deal

it's quite common for doctors and nurses, nothing to feel weird about. If they're uncomfortable, i'm sure they'll let you know. dual monitor stand

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Thanks for sharing such a nice and informative post. I got a chronic back ache for years. Recently I meet a doctor and he advised me to do regular exercise. You need not to be worried. Steroids

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Yes I agree with you that The patient also reports fatigue. All of these symptoms are present in early adulthood. Some patients recall similar symptoms in childhood.
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Don't worry. I'm sure it causes assignment writing some embarrassment but a lot of assignment help females doctors and nurses are quite used to it.

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Thanks for very good information back problems that will be more valuable and help more .But one thing weight loss is not a big problem.


Spine injurious are very

Spine injurious are very delicate and should be diagnosed by a highly qualified doctor. I work in a
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You may be asked to walk on

You may be asked to walk on your heels or toes.
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Um...this article has

Um...this article has nothing to do with vaginas. This is about spines...but thanks for the vagina examination information.

Most spinal examination is done with gentle pressure down your spinal cord. If necessary, they will do a CAT scan to asses your spine and the area surrounding it.

The good news is that more comprehensive Personal health insurance plans should cover the majority of the procedures. There is usually a special clause that covers spinal issues.

As in other visits, your

As in other visits, your doctor will begin by asking you questions about your health history and your current symptoms.
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