Piriformis Syndrome: What To Do?

Piriformis syndrome: what is it? How do you get it? How do you know you have it? How do you get rid of it? What else do you need to know? That's the substance of this review article written by two well-known and well-respected physical therapists on the subject of piriformis syndrome.

Actual Cost of Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic Pain

For over 30 years now, doctors have used spinal cord stimulation (SCS), also called neurostimulation, to help relieve chronic neuropathic (nerve) pain. A stimulator is implanted into the patient's body, which then sends out impulses to interrupt the pain signals and prevent them from reaching the brain.

Use of Halo Vest for Neck Injuries Based on Age

Fractures of the upper cervical spine (C1-C2) can be stabilized without surgery by using a special apparatus called a halo vest. The vest is made of durable plastic that fits over the chest with a supportive collar around the neck. Four long, vertical metal rods attach the vest to a crown around the entire head. Metal screws hold the halo portion to the skull.

How To Reduce Frequency and Severity of Migraine Headaches

Anyone who suffers from migraine headaches or knows someone who does will be interested in the information presented in this article. The authors (two physicians from The New York Headache Center) review the known or suspected pathology behind this painful condition. And they discuss the role of foods as triggers and supplements as treatment for migraines.

The Value of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

The value of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) is more than surgeon assumption or a marketing whim. That sounds very poetic, but what does it mean exactly? The author answers that question in this review article on the topic of minimally invasive spine surgery.

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