A Review of Available Interspinous Spacers

In this article, two neurosurgeons bring us up-to-date on the use of four different interspinous spacers for the treatment of back pain from spinal stenosis. Interspinous means the spacers are placed between two spinous processes. Those are the bumps you feel along your back. They are knobs of bone that extend out from the vertebral bodies.

Replace or Regenerate Degenerated Disc Material: The Race is On

Stem cell research continues to make the front-page news from time to time. Many scientists are convinced that the results of aging-related degeneration of the spine can be altered. For example, the breakdown of disc material between the vertebral bones could be repaired by regenerating discs with stem cells.

Taking a Look at Cervical Disc Replacement: The Big Picture

When a new treatment like disc replacement comes along, it takes a while before it's clear who should have this surgery. So patient selection is extremely important. At first, it's just a limited group of patients who qualify for the procedure. That's okay because surgeons want the best results for their patients.

Spine Surgeons Give a General Overview of XLIF

There are many different ways to treat low back pain. When surgery is needed, there are different options as well. Spinal fusion may be necessary in the case of degenerative disc disease, tumor, infection, deformity, or spinal instability. Just like everything else, fusions can be done in different ways with different approaches.

Reporting on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome From Start to Finish

Every illness, disease, or medical condition has what we call a natural history. The natural history describes what typically happens for that patient with a particular problem. Natural history may include how quickly the disease advances or progresses. It also includes what signs and symptoms develop at each stage. Prognosis and what to expect at different time points of disease are also part of the natural history.

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