You Have to Learn to Live with the Pain

You have to learn to live with the pain. Have you ever heard these words?

Chronic Back Pain Got You Down? Try Yoga!

Imagine lying on a soft mat completely relaxed and pain free. This is how most yoga classes end. Sometimes the class begins and ends this way. The pose is called Savasana or corpse pose. Chronic back pain sufferers often think, "Oh, yoga, I can't do that -- I have too much back pain.

New Classification System Takes the Guesswork Out of Treatment Planning For Neck Injuries

There's a move on now in the medical community to find reliable, valid ways to classify a problem and then decide how to treat it. In this study, orthopedic surgeons from St. Louis University School of Medicine check out the Cervical Spine Injury Severity Score (CSISS) for its user friendliness and accuracy. The CSISS is for patients with neck injuries involving the lower cervical spine (C3 to C7). This is an area of common injury.

Factors Affecting Patient Satisfaction with Health Care for Chronic Low Back Pain

Katharine Hepburn once said, I don't know what happiness is. When I get a box of chocolate turtles, I'm happy. When my box of chocolate turtles is gone, I'm unhappy. Happiness or satisfaction isn't always so easy when you suffer from chronic low back pain. In this study, researchers conducted a telephone survey of 624 people with chronic low back pain to find out what makes them unhappy with their health care.

Artificial Disc Replacement Holds Up Well After Spine Trauma

Artificial disc replacements are gaining in popularity as studies show how well they are working. They are still used primarily for patients with degenerative disc disease, but the number and types of patients with this diagnosis who have benefited continues to expand. For example, younger patients (less than 65 years old) and younger adults with early disc degeneration from trauma or work-related repetitive motions are now getting artificial implants of this type.

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