Oh boy -- I woke up this morning with intense back pain. It seems to be better as I move around. I can only sit long enough to type this out and get some advice. How long will I be laid up? What can I do to speed up getting better?

Most experts agree that unless you have had an injury or traumatic event that could have caused a spinal fracture, it's best to keep moving and stay active. Since you say you woke up with this pain, think back to yesterday or the day before to identify any possible causes. If you were involved in some type of trauma, you may need to see your doctor for an examination.

But if there's no known cause and you can move about, then it is best to do so. Should your symptoms persist or get worse, call your doctor and let him or her advise you. If you develop a high fever with skin rashes, nausea and vomiting, or other general symptoms, a visit to your physician may be warranted.

Every patient who ever experienced a sudden onset of neck or back pain wonders the same thing. How long is this going to last? How soon will I be able to get back to work? Despite 1000s of studies addressing neck and back pain, no one has found a way to consistently predict the long-term outcome of spinal pain. Many have tried!

There have been efforts to use patient responses to testing and treatment as a guidepost. For example, some examiners test patients by using repeated motions in one direction (flexion, extension, rotation, sidebending) to see what happens to the pain. If it is consistently present in one direction and lessened in another direction, this is referred to as directional preference. You would be advised to avoid those movements that hurt and stay within the range-of-motion that is pain free.

Another testing concept called centralization has been used to predict response to treatment. Centralization refers to neck pain that goes down the arm or back pain that goes down the leg moving or retreating to a central location in the spine. Some experts think this is a sign that treatment will be successful using exercises and movement that cause centralization to occur.

But the bottom-line is that patients don't all consistently respond the same way to these test measures. So it's been difficult, if not impossible, to come up with a way to predict who will get better, how soon, and/or what specific exercise or movement works best to speed up the process.

Angeliki G. Chorti, MSc, et al. The Prognostic Value of Symptom Responses in the Conservative Management of Spinal Pain. In Spine. November 15, 2009. Vol. 34. No. 24. Pp. 2686-2699.

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It is the same like mine, i

It is the same like mine, i get this one morning for what i got know later that it is because overdose of doing exercise. What were your reason behind that.
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Its common now, as i have

Its common now, as i have checked it up with a doctor and said that this pain always caused because of wrong way of sleeping at night. Resell SEO

There can be many reason for

There can be many reason for the back pain. It may be possible that your sleeping style is bad. It's better to go for doctor if you are having this problem from many days.
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I have consulted a doctor

I have consulted a doctor for my back pain and i m confused because i have consulted two doctors from different place and both suggested differently; one said that it is connected with skin and you must take care of it and other said that its connected with your bones so must consult a proper ortho. Lets see what i do with it next and will update here again.omron hj 720itc pocket pedometer

You can definitely try

You can definitely try homoepathic medicine. They are simply magical in such kind of pain. According to me Bryonia 200 1 dose will work . Audi Q3 Review

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I also agree as what you have mentioned here. Many times wrong way of sleeping at night causes back pain problems. It is very true. I can suggest you as if this pain is slight then you can try to handle this problem at home also but is this pain is intense then immediately you should consult your family doctor or physician. Who knows what went wrong at that time & so only doctors advice you should take. electricians york pa

Great post!!

Hey sometime i face the same problem but when i do some techniques of yoga i feel very good.This problem is usually faced at morning time when i wake up.Many days i was facing this problem.The above mentioned information also helps me to overcome to this problem.Thanks for it.writing homework help

Consult the doctor before it

Consult the doctor before it becomes severe. Often complications arise due to ignorance and carelessness. So don't delay in proper treatment. Shingles Vaccine

This is an annoying

This is an annoying situation where one gets a backache. You are not able to do any work and has to be bedridden. This is so bad.
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Take some rest and try not

Take some rest and try not to lift anything heavy. This will go withing few days. But till then be little precautionary to all the stuffs. Skin Lupus

back pain is very

back pain is very debilitating. It makes the person bed ridden and so the person is not able to do anything and needs to get the consultation from the physician immediately. government jobs

Take ample of bed rest. this

Take ample of bed rest. this is the only treatment for this. Don't go for much medicines. They would ruin your health for sure. bank jobs

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