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After my knee surgery, the persistent pain that I have has been diagnosed as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. Is it normal to feel like my leg is larger than it really is? I also have to really concentrate to move it sometimes? Is this normal?9 years 20 weeks ago2718
Are people in chronic pain more likely to cause a car accident? I have chronic low back pain. Sometimes I think my driving isn't as good as it should be. I get distracted by the pain. Are there any statistics on this? I don't want to be a statistic on the road.10 years 49 weeks ago2842
At 78 years old, my father has his share of aches and pains. But lately he's been complaining more and more about back pain. X-rays show he has mild spinal stenosis. We think he would do better and have less pain if he would take an antidepressant, not have another surgery. Is it possible that an antidepressant could help?10 years 22 weeks ago3030
Can you tell me what is laser acupuncture?9 years 10 weeks ago3052
Despite having chronic pain for six months now, I'm still working and keeping up. The doctor thinks it might help me to see a physical therapist. But how can they help? I can run 10 miles, pump iron, and keep up with the best of them.9 years 39 weeks ago2516
Do some people just not feel pain? I see some people able to push through a painful situation, and others who cannot.9 years 15 weeks ago2699
Do you know of anyone who has ever been cured from complex regional pain syndrome? I noticed when I went on vacation to Hawaii my symptoms were much much better. Maybe a condo in Honolulu is really all the cure I need. But seriously, what can you tell me about the cure rate?7 years 51 weeks ago3161
Does complex regional pain syndrome have anything to do with any other illnesses? Can some illnesses make you at higher risk of developing it?8 years 29 weeks ago2369
Does CRPS ever go away? My mother has it and I can't believe how much pain she has.8 years 35 weeks ago3757
Ever since my third child was born, I've had constant sacroiliac joint pain. My doctor wants to inject the joint but I'm a little afraid to do this. Is this the right thing to do?9 years 46 weeks ago3228
Everytime I go see the doctor or the therapist, I have to fill out a form asking the same questions about my pain and what I can and can't do. Is this really necessary?9 years 50 weeks ago2622
For years I thought I had fibromyalgia. Now I find out I really have something called myofascial pain syndrome. What's the difference?10 years 6 weeks ago2833
Good grief. I just came back from taking a very long survey about my chronic pain at a pain clinic. Now my back pain is worse from all that sitting. Was that really necessary? How's it going to help me?11 years 12 weeks ago3270
Here's an odd one for you. My mom had shingles and has lots of pain still. Her doctor prescribed Neurontin. I have fibromyalgia and muscle pain that can make it impossible to move. My doctor also prescribed Neurontin. But we have two different kinds of pain. Then, I read that it's really a drug for epilepsy. What is going on?7 years 28 weeks ago2330
How are pain and depression connected?10 years 5 weeks ago2845
How can being independent make my pain worse?10 years 4 weeks ago2659
How can I make sure that the acupuncture is safe?10 years 4 weeks ago2651
How can I tell if I am worrying too much about my back pain? I've had it for six months and it doesn't seem to be going away. That worries me.11 years 12 weeks ago2619
How can I tell if my pain is real or in my head? I've had bad back pain for years, but sometimes I think it's just that I'm expecting it.9 years 34 weeks ago2697
How can pain be affected by how we think if it's real pain? It's not like we're imagining it.9 years 1 week ago2558
How can pain be measured since everyone has a different concept of pain?9 years 41 weeks ago2703
How can phantom pain be managed?9 years 3 weeks ago2715
How can someone who doesn't deal well with chronic pain be helped to cope better?9 years 21 weeks ago2657
How can you tell if you're addicted to painkillers? I'm taking a morphine-based drug (OxyContin) and I'm worried about becoming addicted.11 years 1 week ago5698
How do doctors decide if a pain is real or imaginary if there's no proof, like a broken bone, or something?7 years 28 weeks ago5675
How does an epidural injection help relieve the pain from a back injury?9 years 1 week ago2579
How is learning relaxation techniques going to help me with my back pain? I'm not stressed out. I'm just in pain.11 years 10 weeks ago2663
How long can I take my prescription of Oxycodone without worrying about getting addicted?9 years 51 weeks ago3229
I always thought that opioids were the last resort for pain relief. So if I let my dad take the opioids his doctor prescribes, what happens if his pain gets worse?9 years 48 weeks ago2595
I am a checker at a grocery store. I seem to make more mistakes than other checkers while ringing up items. I do have a problem with chronic headaches and neck pain. Are my mistakes from the pain or a lack of concentration?11 years 3 weeks ago4217

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