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I am a chronic back pain sufferer as a result of a simple surgery I had done four years ago. I keep watching the news for any miracle cures. So far: nothing. But I did hear a news report that they have shown there is altered brain function in people like me and maybe this will be a breakthrough in research. What sort of help would that bring me?9 years 13 weeks ago2944
I am a nurse in an outpatient clinic. I notice that more and more patients are being given narcotics for pain control. I thought this was a big no-no because of the potential for abuse and addiction. What's the current thinking on this?10 years 30 weeks ago1843
I am an operations manager for a large manufacturing plant. We spend a lot of time and money training our people. If they get injured on the job, we'd like to get them back to work if possible. Are there any known ways to improve the return-to-work numbers?12 years 47 weeks ago2332
I am one of those Baby Boomers who likes to take charge of my own life. I think of myself as a consumer of health care. Most recently, I've started looking into better ways to deal with my chronic low back pain. I've been told by several doctors there's nothing more that can be done. Where can I look for some answers?11 years 33 weeks ago1711
I asked my doctor about using a stronger pain killer for my chronic low back pain. She is concerned I might become addicted and wants to stick with my current drug. But it's not really working. I can't help but wonder if narcotic drugs used for pain control are so addictive, how do so many other people seem to get them?11 years 18 weeks ago1676
I broke my wrist last fall and ended up with CRPS. Can you explain to me what went wrong? It was a simple fracture of the radius.13 years 11 hours ago1809
I can't seem to get any help for a nagging case of low back pain. Most of the people I have seen didn't seem to even care that I'm in pain. No one even asks me how I feel anymore. I don't know what to do. Should I say something?10 years 10 weeks ago1671
I come from a Hispanic background. I notice that many of my aunties seem to have an extreme response to everyday aches and pains. Many of them are doctoring for chronic pain that doesn't seem very real to me. Is this an ethnic thing?13 years 11 hours ago1680
I confess I'm a nervous Nellie kind of person. I hurt my back at work and now I'm really worried about re-injuring myself. What can I do to get over this?13 years 11 hours ago1701
I developed a problem in my arm after shoulder surgery called complex regional pain syndrome. I vaguely remember my mother having something like this after a heart attack years and years ago. Is it an inherited trait of some kind in our family? I do have two daughters I'm concerned about.9 years 41 weeks ago1838
I find myself at a cross roads. I have had back pain for three years now with no relief. I'm finally ready to try the pain killers my doctor has recommended. With all the possible side effects and worries about addiction, I'm still wondering if I shouldn't just tough it out?12 years 11 weeks ago1655
I had a steroid injection for chronic sciatica. I got about 50 per cent improvement but it's slowly coming back. Should I have another injection? How many does it take to lick this problem?11 years 46 weeks ago1846
I had back surgery three years ago and still have daily pain. I've tried getting off drugs but every time I stop taking my pills, I can't function. I've heard about electrical stimulation. Would something like this help me?11 years 36 weeks ago1538
I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and was operated on a couple of years ago. One hand was ok but the other one developed into a very painful disorder called CRPS. Why did that happen?10 years 48 weeks ago1534
I had minor surgery to remove a small but malignant tumor from my arm. Within a week I started having pain down my arm. My hand started going to sleep and sweating profusely. Now my fingers are starting to curl into a fist and I can't stop it from happening. I've been told this is a hysterical reaction to the surgery. I'm not really a psycho kind of person. Could something else be causing it?11 years 27 weeks ago1567
I have a back problem, a slipped disk that happened at work a few years ago. But that's not what hurts me now. Instead, I have a very sharp pain about a quarter of the way down my buttock and it shoots up into my back or down my leg from time to time. Is that sciatica?11 years 37 weeks ago1592
I have a bad case of complex regional pain syndrome. After six weeks in physical therapy I went on a cruise to Hawaii. The trip had been planned long before my injury. I came back almost 50 percent better. Does this mean that at least half of my symptoms are just in my head?13 years 11 hours ago1708
I have a friend who had surgery almost two years ago. She ended up with chronic pain and seems to be her own worst enemy. She makes everything out to be so much worse than it really is. Can anything be done to help her?12 years 26 weeks ago1545
I have a friend who is still complaining about her pain and various other symptoms after a surgery that took place four years ago. In fact, today is the four-year "anniversary" date. I think it's weird to have a surgery anniversary date. But to stay focused on these symptoms day in and day out especially seems out of line? Am I right or wrong?10 years 10 weeks ago1666
I have a lot of back pain but I'm afraid to take the medication my doctor prescribed. It's really strong and I'm afraid of getting addicted.11 years 3 weeks ago1635
I have an aunt who is practically talking herself into a nursing home placement. She is very negative about everything. She can't seem to stop talking about her back pain. Is there some way to help her break out of this mindset where she seems stuck?10 years 17 weeks ago1846
I have been in pain for the last two years of my life. I've accepted that it's not going to go away. Where do I go from here in reclaiming my life?12 years 26 weeks ago1576
I have been involved with taking care of my neighbor for the last three years. She gave me permission to talk with her doctor about her painful back condition. The doctor mentioned my neighbor has many pain behaviors. What are these and what is the significance of them?11 years 45 weeks ago1603
I have been reading studies about how people react when they see others in pain. Why are these types of studies important?10 years 40 weeks ago1595
I have been treated for severe pain from complex regional pain syndrome with a special pump that delivers a drug called baclofen to the spinal cord. Everything was going really well, and then all of a sudden, I stopped getting the good results I had hoped for. Now my pain is starting to come back. I can't do even the simple things I was doing like pick up a pot of coffee and pour. Have I reached some kind of plateau? Will I continue to get better with a little more time?9 years 41 weeks ago1788
I have chronic muscle pain and what feels like muscle spasms that might be related to fibromyalgia. It's not clear just what's causing my symptoms. Can you explain to me in layman's terms what's going on?10 years 39 weeks ago1598
I have chronic pain in my back that no-one has been able to diagnose. I know some doctors say it's in my head, particularly because it hurts more when I'm stressed. What can I do?9 years 15 weeks ago1699
I have heard about abuse-deterrant narcotics. What does this mean?11 years 15 weeks ago1568
I have read about people with chronic pain going for therapy. Isn't that just reinforcing that it's in your head?11 years 3 weeks ago1581
I have some kind of problem with my arm and hand. One doctor told me I have something called reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Another doctor says I have complex regional pain syndrome. How can I find out what I really have? Could I have both problems at the same time?13 years 10 hours ago1683

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