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I hear doctors aren't treating low back pain like they used to. I saw a TV special that said most low back pain is caused by psychosocial issues. Just exactly what does that mean anyway? Do I have back pain because I am a social misfit?12 years 43 weeks ago1735
I hear that while spinal cord stimulators may help with pain, they have batteries that have to be changed every few years. Is this true?10 years 37 weeks ago1560
I heard it's possible now to have a blood test to see if a certain drug will work before taking it. This seems like a good idea before spending so much money on a prescription that doesn't work. What's the name of the test?11 years 24 weeks ago1691
I heard there's a new way to get at chronic sacroiliac joint pain with new radiofrequency technology. What is this? How does it work? And where can I get it?9 years 43 weeks ago1822
I hurt my back but my doctor would not give me a narcotic for my pain. He said that it was the clinic policy. Why would this be?11 years 6 weeks ago1610
I just came back from the doctor's for a back injury I got at work. I have a prescription for painkillers that is a morphine-derivative. Should I really take this? I thought these drugs were dangerous.11 years 12 weeks ago1511
I keep hearing about alternative therapies for chronic pain. I have neuropathies in both my hands and feet from diabetes. Would this kind of treatment help me? Where do I go to get it?10 years 8 weeks ago1722
I need a spinal stimulator for pain control. Would it be cheaper to go to Canada and get it? I've heard the cost of health care there is much less than in the U.S.9 years 27 weeks ago1834
I notice in my family that when something hurts, it's always in a big way. Everyone complains of severe aches and pain and in more than one place. Is this some kind of genetic thing? Or are we all just hypochondriacs?11 years 9 weeks ago1497
I notice in the news reports of famous people using and abusing drugs like oxycodone. It sounds like this is a problem for many people, not just the Hollywood types. I've been using this same drug for chronic low back pain. I'm concerned about becoming addicted myself. Can't they come up with a nonaddictive drug that works?11 years 9 weeks ago1810
I notice my 80 year old grandparents are so calm about everything. Even when they are in pain from their arthritis they hardly ever complain. Are all older people this calm about pain and suffering?12 years 42 weeks ago3375
I notice that when my husband smashes his finger with a hammer, he curses and swears and acts like a big baby. When I dropped a heavy box on my foot, it hurt like the dickens but I didn't rant and rave about it. Do you think men are just more sensitive to pain? Or are men more likely to yell and shout and be done with it. I was still complaining a week later and he never mentioned it again.11 years 17 weeks ago1500
I noticed that there are several different types of questionnaires that doctors can use to try to assess a patient's pain. Which is the best one?10 years 31 weeks ago1649
I read of a girl that doesn't feel pain and it seemed like they (her parents) weren't happy about it. Wouldn't life be so much easier if we didn't feel pain?10 years 5 weeks ago3572
I saw a physician's assistant to find out what's causing my muscle aches and pains. She said I have trigger points and a problem called myofascial pain syndrome. But except for asking me questions and pushing on my muscles, she didn't do any other tests. Should I make an appointment to see the doctor?11 years 36 weeks ago1523
I saw a report that people with chronic neck and back pain also develop kinesiophobia. What is that?12 years 42 weeks ago1839
I seem to be able to sense when other people are in pain. Some of my friends say that I'm psychic. Is that possible?10 years 8 weeks ago1748
I tend to be an overly anxious kind of person. Now I've hurt my back at work. I'm worried that worrying will make my pain worse. I don't want to end up off work on disability with chronic pain like I see other people. How can I avoid this?12 years 19 weeks ago1557
I think my father has gone off the deep end. He's quit taking all his arthritis medicine and says he's going to try naprapathy instead. We've never heard of this treatment. What's involved?11 years 5 weeks ago1619
I took an on-line survey that was supposed to help a well-known pain clinic understand my pain and help design a special pain management program just for me. The test took all of 90 seconds. How can they possibly have enough information to know what I need?9 years 9 weeks ago1678
I tried taking methadone for my addiction but was switched to a different drug, buprenorphine. This drug seems to be working for me and I take it every day. The problem is, I wrecked my knee and am supposed to have surgery. How can I convince the hospital staff if I really have pain and they won't think I'm just wanting the drugs?10 years 45 weeks ago1509
I want to go for acupuncture for my back pain. How does acupuncture work?10 years 43 weeks ago1582
I was part of a study giving chronic pain patients a survey to find out about our pain. It seemed like many of the questions were the same, just asked a little differently. Are these trick questions to see if we answer them the same each time?12 years 42 weeks ago1623
I was recently tested for psychologic problems related to my chronic low back pain. The test showed I am seriously depressed. But who wouldn't be depressed after months and months of back pain everyday?11 years 49 weeks ago3150
I went to a chronic pain clinic for help with constant headaches and neck pain. One of the treatment options is acupuncture. Are there any side effects from this kind of treatment?11 years 52 weeks ago1509
I went to a pain clinic for an evaluation of my chronic low back pain. It has progressed to the point that I can no longer work and I love my job. I'm a museum curator and I have to stand on my feet all day. I just can't take it anymore. They mentioned doing some kind of radiofrequency treatment to my nerves to cut the pain. How does this work?9 years 41 weeks ago1652
I went to my doctor for new symptoms of shoulder pain. She wants to use the wait-and-see approach. She says most shoulder pain goes away by itself. Is this a standard way to treat this problem? I'm a little dubious.12 years 42 weeks ago1624
I went to see the nurse practitioner at our local clinic about my neck pain. She didn't really ask me about anything else. Should I have mentioned my shoulder, back, and elbow pain, too? I thought about it afterwards and wondered.10 years 18 weeks ago1663
I work as a nurse in a day-surgery clinic. People come in for all kinds of procedures that don't require an overnight stay. I don't ever see them afterwards. But I wonder about some of them and how they do in their recovery process. Is there any data that shows whether the patients who are so fearful recover more slowly than the easy-going patients?10 years 1 week ago1685
I'm 52 and things are starting to fall apart. First I had neck pain that wouldn't go away. I finally got rid of that, and now I have shoulder pain on the other side. Is there any way to tell if this will eventually go away too?12 years 42 weeks ago1877

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