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I'm a nurse in an Australian pain clinic. We are looking for a reliable way to predict (and modify) who may end up with chronic low back pain after an acute episode. Is there a tool already in use by other groups that could work for us?10 years 37 weeks ago1585
I'm an adult woman with children. I have an illness that causes pain much of the time. Some days are good, others are not so good. My husband just doesn't understand when I'm hurting and he says that I just need to go on as if I don't have it. I've met others who also don't seem to understand. Yet, there are people who do. Why do some people believe me and not others?10 years 5 weeks ago1649
I'm going to a pain clinic to help me get control of my knee pain. I have really bad osteoarthritis but I don't want surgery just yet. Some people in the clinic are trying Deepwave. How does this device work? Should I ask to try it, too?11 years 23 weeks ago1658
I'm going to be seeing a pain counselor to start cognitive behavioral therapy. My doctor thinks this is a good way to decrease the level of chronic low back pain I experience everyday. How long does this kind of treatment take to get results?11 years 43 weeks ago1469
I'm having acupuncture treatments for wrist and hand pain. I've had several people tell me it doesn't really work any better than just poking myself with my fingernail. Is there any truth to such statements?10 years 40 weeks ago1542
I'm having trouble cutting loose from my behavioral therapist. He has helped me overcome a 10-year history of chronic back pain. But I've reached the limits of my insurance coverage. I'm worried I won't make it without him.10 years 42 weeks ago1504
I'm moticing that my live-in adult parent (father) is taking more and more of his oxycodone. How can we tell if he is addicted?11 years 29 weeks ago1549
I'm really suffering from the pain of a problem called CRPS. At this point I'd rather have my arm cut off than continue to live like this. Is this ever done for patients?12 years 42 weeks ago1698
I'm scheduled for an L45 steroid injection next week. How soon can I expect results?12 years 6 weeks ago2184
I'm surprised at how quickly and easily it was to get strong narcotic drugs for my mother when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I thought these were strongly regulated.10 years 21 weeks ago1602
I'm taking a drug called oxycodone. The doctor and pharmacist have warned me about becoming addicted to this medication. How can I tell if I'm at risk for this type of drug dependence?10 years 22 weeks ago1594
I'm taking a prescription drug for pain that says it can cause drug dependence and addiction. What's the difference between these two things and how can I tell if I'm one or the other?10 years 22 weeks ago1535
I'm working as an insurance adjuster for a self-insured company. We are trying to determine a coverage policy for patients with chronic pain. So far, after reviewing dozens of cases, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the way people are treated. Is there a standard protocol for this problem?10 years 30 weeks ago1514
I've always adopted the philosophy of no pain, no gain. Now I'm in a rehab program for chronic pain patients where they say this attitude has to go. Won't I get better faster if I keep pushing?11 years 18 weeks ago1473
I've been a chronic pain patient for the last 10 years. My pain is always at least a five on a scale from zero to 10. Sometimes it goes up to an eight. I want to take the GMAT test and try to get into business school. I'm afraid my pain will keep me from getting a good test score because I can't always concentrate. Is this possible?12 years 33 weeks ago1837
I've been doing some reading about CRPS. I've just been diagnosed with this problem. I see there are two kinds. How can I tell which kind I have?12 years 42 weeks ago1669
I've been going to a special pain clinic to help me get better from my chronic back pain. I took a bunch of tests on paper and answered a lot of questions. The results say I just made the cut off for having the normal amount of fear. They say I'm not avoiding movement out of fear of pain like some people do. How in the world do they decide what the magic cut off number is? Can one number really make the difference between normal and not-so-normal?12 years 43 weeks ago1702
I've been having an ongoing problem with back and leg pain. The surgeon who is treating me says I have both spinal stenosis and lumbar radiculopathy. I've had a couple of steroid injections that helped for a while. Is it safe to keep having these every time the pain comes back?11 years 30 weeks ago1520
I've been seen a massage therapist for chronic neck pain from a whiplash injury. I notice that while he is doing the massage, I feel fine but afterwards my pain is much higher. What causes this to happen?11 years 28 weeks ago1487
I've been suffering from pain since my car accident a few years ago. My medication doesn't seem to be helping me. Is there anything else I can do?11 years 34 weeks ago1494
I've been taking Darvocet for chronic pain after back surgery. It doesn't seem to help at all. Should I just double the dose for a few days and see if that would work better?10 years 21 weeks ago1548
I've been thinking about the latest computer technology. Is it possible to use virtual reality programs to help overcome chronic pain? My son is doing a special science project at school. This might be a good one to pursue.10 years 30 weeks ago1520
I've been told I have piriformis syndrome caused by a pinched sciatic nerve. How does the sciatic nerve get pinched?12 years 2 min ago1621
I've had several bad backaches that laid me up for days. I never know when they are going to come on. I find myself in a state of dread worrying about it. Would hypnosis help this sort of problem?12 years 21 weeks ago1982
I've heard about somatic pain, which is pain that is really in your head but you feel it in your body. How do you deal with that?9 years 6 weeks ago1663
I've heard Botox can be used for chronic muscle pain. I have a problem called myofascial pain syndrome. Could this treatment help me?12 years 5 weeks ago1651
I've heard that acupuncture might help with my headaches and neck pain. Is it worth the extra money? I would have to pay out-of-pocket.12 years 5 weeks ago1531
I've heard that you can tell by which words people use to describe their pain where the pain is coming from and if it's all emotional. What are the words they use?11 years 36 weeks ago1545
I've heard there's been a breakthrough in scientists' understanding of complex regional pain syndrome. I have this problem, too. Will the new findings bring about a cure?12 years 42 weeks ago1621
I've noticed that some people are bothered by pain more than others. I seem to have a pretty high tolerance for pain. Is that just personality? A genetic trait or what?11 years 48 weeks ago1613

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