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My cousin just came back from the Middle East where he was stationed with the Marines. He seems completely defeated. The family is very concerned. What can we do?11 years 45 weeks ago1511
My dad has back pain and has had it for many years. He goes to a doctor or pain clinic, the pain improves a lot, but then within months, he's back to square one again. What can he do? He's getting really depressed and discouraged.10 years 37 weeks ago1656
My doctor gave me a series of questions to answer to help her identify the source of my pain. The questionnaire was called the McGill Pain Questionnaire. Afterwards, she sat down with me and explained how some of my pain is worse than it seems because of certain emotions like fear and anger. I tend to agree with her but how does a simple set of questions like this give that kind of information? I don't remember any questions about how I feel.9 years 29 weeks ago1729
My doctor has advised that I try taking an opioid medication to help get control of my chronic low back pain. I'm more than a little nervous about getting addicted. What's the longest time I can take these pills without getting into trouble?11 years 46 weeks ago1525
My doctor has prescribed narcotic medications for me to help control pain from a chronic back problem I've had for 10 years. Nothing I've tried has helped. I am willing to try this, but I am worried about becoming addicted. What can I do to avoid drug addiction while still getting the benefit of the medication?10 years 1 week ago1820
My doctor has prescribed Oxycontin for me due to chronic back and leg pain. I've heard so much about drug addiction, I'm afraid to take it. How can I avoid problems with this drug?12 years 46 weeks ago1628
My doctor has suggested I try a nerve block injection for my chronic back pain. I've heard that acupuncture might be a good idea. Which one works better?12 years 25 weeks ago1855
My doctor prescribed oxycodone for me about six weeks ago. I have chronic pain from a back condition. The nurse in the office calls me every week to ask me all kinds of questions about using this drug. I'm not a child. I do think I can take the medication as prescribed. How do I get these people off my back?11 years 38 weeks ago1742
My doctor prescribed oxycodone for me to help relieve chronic back pain. Most days without the drug, I could rate my pain as a 10 out of 10. With the drug, my pain is around a three out of 10. My sister tried this same medication for her shoulder pain and got no relief at all. Does it just work for back pain? What should she take instead?11 years 33 weeks ago1790
My doctor sent me to a pain clinic for help with my low back pain. I've had it for six years now -- ever since a car accident when I was 20. One of the recommendations of the pain clinic was to try using electrical stimulation. I've heard from other patients that it doesn't work. Is it really worth trying?11 years 36 weeks ago1547
My doctor tells me they can now predict which patients with neck pain are likely to get better with physical therapy and who won't improve. Since I was referred to PT, I assume I'm one who is likely to benefit. What is this decision based on?11 years 18 weeks ago1548
My doctor tells me to stay active and get back to work despite back pain rated as an eight out of 10 on a scale from zero (no pain) to 10 (worst). How can I really do this when I'm in so much pain?12 years 46 weeks ago1676
My doctor thinks I might have a condition called CRPS. She says diagnosis can be very difficult. Aren't there any tests that can be done to confirm the diagnosis? I'd really like to know what's wrong.11 years 33 weeks ago1507
My doctor told me not to seek treatment for low back pain unless it lasts more than six weeks. This is very distressing because I want to do something about it now.13 years 4 days ago1693
My doctor told me there are quite a few theories about what causes CRPS. I didn't want to ask too many questions during the office visit but I'm wondering what are some of these ideas?13 years 1 day ago1728
My doctor wants me to see a psychologist. Does that mean he thinks it is all in my head?10 years 40 weeks ago1514
My father broke his hip and barely complained of pain but I know that it can be very painful. Was he just being stoic for our benefit?11 years 8 weeks ago1553
My father is being treated for cancer with radiation and then chemotherapy. I notice he's lost a lot of function just in his daily activities. I can't tell if this is from pain or from other symptoms. Is there some way to get a better idea of what's affecting him so much?10 years 49 weeks ago1528
My father suffers from pain in his joints and back. His doctor called it chronic non-cancer pain. Why is it important that his pain be described like that?11 years 37 weeks ago1554
My husband banged his thumb in the car door and ended up with a terrible condition called CRPS. We can't figure out why this has happened. It wasn't nearly as bad as some of the past injuries he's had. Can you shed any light?9 years 43 weeks ago2075
My mother fell last winter on the ice and ended up with a nerve injury in her right shoulder. Despite all treatment so far, nothing has worked. Now she's become a chronic pain patient. I notice the doctor keeps changing her drugs. The dose goes up, then she's switched to another drug. Then she's taking two or three drugs. Does this seem right?11 years 39 weeks ago1529
My mother had CRPS and then developed strong spasms and contortions in her hand a few months later. I read that this can happen after CRPS so shouldn't this have been prevented?11 years 28 weeks ago1479
My mother has a lot of pain from her arthritis and her lower back problems. The problem for me is, I think she tends to play it up for sympathy, to keep me from going home, for example. How can I tell if she's really in pain or if she's just trying to get attention?10 years 14 weeks ago1691
My mother has pain medications for her bad back. She has had a lot of pain for the past few years. She won't take them because she's afraid of becoming addicted because she needed to increase her dose once. What is the difference between depending on a drug and being addicted to a drug?11 years 37 weeks ago1606
My mother is in a lot of pain ever since she fell last year. She has no injuries that the doctor can find and I think they are just writing her off as an complaining old lady. I believe that she is having pain, but I can't convince the doctors. Is there anything I can do to help?11 years 28 weeks ago1578
My mother is in agony after many years of severe back pain but the doctors just won't give her strong enough medications. They're afraid she'll become addicted, she says. Why is it so hard to get proper pain medications?9 years 46 weeks ago1600
My mother started taking an antidepressant for her pain. Regular pain killers didn't work. This one's not working either. What if the doctor gave both?10 years 14 weeks ago1556
My mother takes a lot of pain pills but she still complains. Why aren't the pills helping her?11 years 21 weeks ago1646
My mother was diagnosed with CRPS a few months ago. It seems to be getting worse though. What is the prognosis for CRPS?11 years 23 weeks ago1558
My mother went to the doctor for "injections" to help her back pain. Just what kind of injections can help the spine?12 years 28 weeks ago1800

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