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My mother-in-law had a total knee replacement about two months ago. She's still taking Lortab for pain and the druggist called to say she tried to fill her prescription again too soon. The family is worried that she's taking too many of these painkillers. What should we do?12 years 46 weeks ago1750
My mother-in-law had shoulder surgery yesterday for a torn rotator cuff. They are using a special device that allows her to control her own pain levels. Whenever she has pain, she pushes the button and gets a dose of pain reliever right into the joint. I notice she pushes the button much more often than she's supposed to. Should we say something to the doctor?12 years 35 weeks ago1583
My mother-in-law lives with us. She is in early stages of dementia. Sometimes it's hard to tell if she is in pain. My husband (her son) always assumes she's hurting and seems to make things worse by being overly sympathetic. Are there some reliable signs of pain we can use to know for sure when she's hurting?12 years 29 weeks ago1629
My neighbor has this spicy cream she puts on her back when it hurts. Does this stuff really do anything for pain? I'm thinking about trying it on my bad knee.10 years 17 weeks ago1686
My neighbor is a disagreeable, old cantankerous man. He always seems unpleasant and complains of many aches and pains all the time. Is it possible people with this type of personality feel pain more acutely than the rest of us?11 years 26 weeks ago1773
My next door neighbor seems to have a problem with alcohol and now she's been given narcotics for her back pain. This doesn't seem like a good idea to us. Whatever could her doctor be thinking?10 years 7 weeks ago1956
My niece was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome after she sprained her ankle a few years ago. She is in a tremendous amount of pain. Why can't doctors help her?10 years 16 weeks ago1647
My orthopedic surgeon has suggested trying using a radiofrequency probe to stop pain messages from the nerve to the brain at my L34 spinal joint. She says it will reduce the pain considerably. Is that all it does, really? I can live with the back pain if I just keep moving.9 years 50 weeks ago1623
My partner was in a cognitive behavioral program to help her cope with a chronic pain condition. She did great until the program ended. Now she seems to be slipping back into her old ways of thinking and acting. How can I help encourage her to get back on track?10 years 51 weeks ago1573
My sister has become a chronic pain patient over the last three years. As a family, we're not sure how to respond to her. Some say to ignore her comments about her health. Others say to draw her out and let her talk about it. What do you suggest?10 years 49 weeks ago1561
My sister has CRPS and her hands are always very cold, as well as painful. What causes this cold feeling?11 years 5 weeks ago1535
My sister has had chronic neck and back pain most of her adult life. As she gets older she seems to get worse -- or maybe her attitude is just worse. The family is having a hard time being patient with her. She's still looking for a magic medical cure. What can we say that will help?13 years 1 day ago1636
My sister told me that she has CRPS Type 1, but I've heard that there is another type. What are the symptoms and what is the difference?11 years 40 weeks ago1806
My sister used to have a drug habit that got really bad. She had it for years and had to do rehab a few times before she finally got clean. She's doing really well but she is having a lot of pain in her back. Her doctor says that she can take something for it, but she's afraid. She's also afraid of the surgery he is suggesting because that would mean taking potentially addicting medications. Is there anything she can do?11 years 2 weeks ago1627
My therapist has asked that I do desensitisation of my limb with CRPS. It is painful to rub any object or surface over my limb. How can this help?11 years 7 weeks ago1540
My wife has had three back surgeries and is in the hospital for her fourth. She's had constant pain but the nurses refuse to give her an increase in her pain meds. How can they watch patients suffer like this and not respond?13 years 4 days ago1677
My wife hurt her arm in a car accident and ended up with CRPS and dystonia. At first I thought the twisting of her wrist and hand was just some kind of emotional problem. But I notice it doesn't go away when she's sleeping. What does cause this to happen?11 years 26 weeks ago1662
My wife is depressed and doesn't sleep well. She lost her job about six months ago because of back pain. Would sleeping pills help improve her sleep and her pain levels?12 years 3 days ago1566
My wife was kicked in the back by a horse and has had several surgeries. She has true, chronic back pain. She is not using her pain to get sympathy or attention. The pain clinic where she goes does nothing to help her get rid of the pain. It's all about changing her attitude about the pain. How can we get them to see her in a different way?11 years 27 weeks ago2060
Nerve Loss with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Consequence or Cause?13 years 1 day ago1616
Our son was hospitalized over the weekend for a drug overdose. We almost lost him. We knew he was taking pain killers for a back injury. We just didn't know how much pain he was in, or that he was taking too many pills. Isn't there some way for doctors to monitor this a little more closely? Everything he was taking was by prescription.10 years 7 weeks ago1719
Please help me understand what's happening. I broke my arm in a bicycle accident. It had to be pinned in six places. I wore an external device with pins through the skin to hold it in place. While it was immobilized, I developed something called CRPS. Now I'm in rehab. But all of a sudden, my hand is starting to jerk and tremor. What is that and will it go away with exercise?11 years 26 weeks ago1526
Sometimes when a friend or family member is hurt, I actually feel physical pain too. It doesn't last long and it isn't as intense as their pain. Am I just imagining this or is it really possible?13 years 4 days ago1887
The pharmacist just called me about my mother's use of a narcotic (Oxycodone). She's been taking it for her back pain the last six months. Evidently she's been taking too many pills on a daily basis. What should we do?11 years 38 weeks ago1546
The physical therapist I'm working with thinks some of my chronic hip pain is referred pain. It may be coming from my low back area. How does this work?10 years 39 weeks ago1527
There is a lot of talk about getting addicted to pain medications. I take high doses of medication because I hurt my back a while ago and it hasn't healed. What are the signs of addiction?11 years 35 weeks ago1438
Two years ago I fell and broke my wrist. I've never been the same. Pain, swelling, sweating, and even strange hair growth over the back of my hand have developed. No one seems to know what's wrong with me. I've become so depressed my doctor wants to send me to a shrink. Could this all really be psychologic?11 years 33 weeks ago1536
Two years ago I had a discography and to this day, I remember how painful it was. I was sure I had cancer. The doctor thought it was a disc. It wasn't either one. Why is it the memory of this test still so strong?12 years 42 weeks ago1672
Two years ago I had an operation that has left me in chronic pain. I tend to be a worrier. Now I'm worried that my worrying is what has kept me from getting better. Is this possible?13 years 1 day ago1689
We are trying to help our father navigate the health care system after a bad car accident. He's in so much pain from fractured ribs and a bad back now made worse. The doctor has put him on an opioid-based medication. What other treatment is there? We'd like to get him off this drug before he gets addicted.10 years 30 weeks ago1521

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