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We're a little concerned about Grandma. She is now attending some kind of mindful meditation classes. She says they help her deal with her back pain. Is there any way this can really help her?10 years 50 weeks ago1610
What are pain behaviors? The doctor's report on my daughter says she showed a moderate number of pain behaviors.12 years 29 weeks ago1550
What are some of the problems associated with the use of an intrathecal pump? My doctor thinks I should consider one.10 years 44 weeks ago1507
What are some of the side effects that you can get if you take opioids?11 years 35 weeks ago1573
What are some tests my doctor might do to find out if I have CRPS?11 years 38 weeks ago1687
What are the dangers of acupuncture for back pain?11 years 4 days ago2860
What are the different treatments available for complex regional pain syndrome?10 years 22 weeks ago1635
What are the medications that can be delivered with an intrathecal pump?10 years 44 weeks ago1497
What are the symptoms of nerve pain?10 years 36 weeks ago1607
What can you tell me about the drug Oxymorphone? My doctor thinks it might help me with the chronic back pain I'm having. I've tried other narcotics without much success. Why should this work any better?11 years 39 weeks ago1659
What causes CRPS?11 years 38 weeks ago2185
What does the term illness behavior mean?10 years 42 weeks ago1660
What exactly is the practice of qigong and how can it help someone like me who has pain in the back all the time?11 years 16 weeks ago1560
What is an opioid medication, why is it so difficult to get, and how does it differ from regular pain medications?11 years 12 weeks ago1573
What is functional restoration rehabilitation? My surgeon and my shrink are suggesting I complete the FRR program at their clinic.12 years 7 weeks ago2033
What is intrathecal pain relief and why can it help severe pain if regular pain killers can't?11 years 32 weeks ago1512
What is neuropathic pain and why is it hard to treat?10 years 36 weeks ago2743
What is nonneuropathic pain? That's what the doctor says I have. Even though it's been explained to me, I just can't remember what it is and I don't want to have to ask again. It would be the third time I've forgotten and asked. Maybe if I see it in writing, it will stick with me.9 years 29 weeks ago5403
What is pain catastrophizing? I saw the term on a poster in a pain clinic.13 years 1 day ago1731
What is the difference between becoming addicted to pain medications and becoming used to them?11 years 12 weeks ago1593
What is the difference between chronic pain and acute pain?10 years 40 weeks ago1696
What is the purpose of physical pain in someone who doesn't really seem to have anything wrong with them?13 years 4 days ago1855
What is the worst that can happen with complex regional pain syndrome?11 years 5 weeks ago1561
What kinds of things does the doctor look for if he wants to know if I'll be good at handling my own care?11 years 43 weeks ago1647
What research is being done for complex regional pain syndrome?11 years 5 weeks ago1725
What types of treatments can we give people with movement disorder that appear after they have had CRPS?11 years 28 weeks ago1524
What's the connection between pain and depression? I have chronic low back pain that seems to respond to antidepressants.12 years 39 weeks ago1820
What's the difference between a nerve block and nerve degeneration? I have chronic sacroiliac joint pain, and I see on the Internet that both of these methods can work to stop the pain. But I can't tell by reading the reports what's the difference?10 years 1 week ago2232
What's the difference between getting used to a drug and becoming addicted to it?9 years 46 weeks ago2103
When I get stressed, I get very nauseated and may throw up. My doctor says it's in my head, but it seems very real to me. I don't do it on purpose. Is it really all in my head?9 years 15 weeks ago1866

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