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My wife has had three back surgeries and is in the hospital for her fourth. She's had constant pain but the nurses refuse to give her an increase in her pain meds. How can they watch patients suffer like this and not respond?12 years 43 weeks ago1644
What is the purpose of physical pain in someone who doesn't really seem to have anything wrong with them?12 years 43 weeks ago1829
Sometimes when a friend or family member is hurt, I actually feel physical pain too. It doesn't last long and it isn't as intense as their pain. Am I just imagining this or is it really possible?12 years 43 weeks ago1861
My doctor told me not to seek treatment for low back pain unless it lasts more than six weeks. This is very distressing because I want to do something about it now.12 years 43 weeks ago1673
I hear doctors aren't treating low back pain like they used to. I saw a TV special that said most low back pain is caused by psychosocial issues. Just exactly what does that mean anyway? Do I have back pain because I am a social misfit?12 years 43 weeks ago1735
I've been going to a special pain clinic to help me get better from my chronic back pain. I took a bunch of tests on paper and answered a lot of questions. The results say I just made the cut off for having the normal amount of fear. They say I'm not avoiding movement out of fear of pain like some people do. How in the world do they decide what the magic cut off number is? Can one number really make the difference between normal and not-so-normal?12 years 43 weeks ago1702
I come from a Hispanic background. I notice that many of my aunties seem to have an extreme response to everyday aches and pains. Many of them are doctoring for chronic pain that doesn't seem very real to me. Is this an ethnic thing?12 years 42 weeks ago1657
Good grief. I just came back from taking a very long survey about my chronic pain at a pain clinic. Now my back pain is worse from all that sitting. Was that really necessary? How's it going to help me?12 years 42 weeks ago3706
I was part of a study giving chronic pain patients a survey to find out about our pain. It seemed like many of the questions were the same, just asked a little differently. Are these trick questions to see if we answer them the same each time?12 years 42 weeks ago1623
I confess I'm a nervous Nellie kind of person. I hurt my back at work and now I'm really worried about re-injuring myself. What can I do to get over this?12 years 42 weeks ago1672
What is pain catastrophizing? I saw the term on a poster in a pain clinic.12 years 42 weeks ago1692
Two years ago I had an operation that has left me in chronic pain. I tend to be a worrier. Now I'm worried that my worrying is what has kept me from getting better. Is this possible?12 years 42 weeks ago1670
How can I tell if I am worrying too much about my back pain? I've had it for six months and it doesn't seem to be going away. That worries me.12 years 42 weeks ago3098
My sister has had chronic neck and back pain most of her adult life. As she gets older she seems to get worse -- or maybe her attitude is just worse. The family is having a hard time being patient with her. She's still looking for a magic medical cure. What can we say that will help?12 years 42 weeks ago1603
Is it true that older people have less pain than younger people?12 years 42 weeks ago1721
I notice my 80 year old grandparents are so calm about everything. Even when they are in pain from their arthritis they hardly ever complain. Are all older people this calm about pain and suffering?12 years 42 weeks ago3375
I've heard there's been a breakthrough in scientists' understanding of complex regional pain syndrome. I have this problem, too. Will the new findings bring about a cure?12 years 42 weeks ago1621
I broke my wrist last fall and ended up with CRPS. Can you explain to me what went wrong? It was a simple fracture of the radius.12 years 42 weeks ago1793
I have a bad case of complex regional pain syndrome. After six weeks in physical therapy I went on a cruise to Hawaii. The trip had been planned long before my injury. I came back almost 50 percent better. Does this mean that at least half of my symptoms are just in my head?12 years 42 weeks ago1680
I saw a report that people with chronic neck and back pain also develop kinesiophobia. What is that?12 years 42 weeks ago1839
I'm 52 and things are starting to fall apart. First I had neck pain that wouldn't go away. I finally got rid of that, and now I have shoulder pain on the other side. Is there any way to tell if this will eventually go away too?12 years 42 weeks ago1877
I went to my doctor for new symptoms of shoulder pain. She wants to use the wait-and-see approach. She says most shoulder pain goes away by itself. Is this a standard way to treat this problem? I'm a little dubious.12 years 42 weeks ago1624
My doctor told me there are quite a few theories about what causes CRPS. I didn't want to ask too many questions during the office visit but I'm wondering what are some of these ideas?12 years 42 weeks ago1704
I have some kind of problem with my arm and hand. One doctor told me I have something called reflex sympathetic dystrophy. Another doctor says I have complex regional pain syndrome. How can I find out what I really have? Could I have both problems at the same time?12 years 42 weeks ago1644
Nerve Loss with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Consequence or Cause?12 years 42 weeks ago1594
I've been doing some reading about CRPS. I've just been diagnosed with this problem. I see there are two kinds. How can I tell which kind I have?12 years 42 weeks ago1669
I'm really suffering from the pain of a problem called CRPS. At this point I'd rather have my arm cut off than continue to live like this. Is this ever done for patients?12 years 42 weeks ago1698
How is learning relaxation techniques going to help me with my back pain? I'm not stressed out. I'm just in pain.12 years 40 weeks ago3001
I am an operations manager for a large manufacturing plant. We spend a lot of time and money training our people. If they get injured on the job, we'd like to get them back to work if possible. Are there any known ways to improve the return-to-work numbers?12 years 38 weeks ago2295
My mother-in-law had a total knee replacement about two months ago. She's still taking Lortab for pain and the druggist called to say she tried to fill her prescription again too soon. The family is worried that she's taking too many of these painkillers. What should we do?12 years 37 weeks ago1721

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