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There is a lot of talk about getting addicted to pain medications. I take high doses of medication because I hurt my back a while ago and it hasn't healed. What are the signs of addiction?11 years 35 weeks ago1438
I've read about cognitive therapy for people who are having a lot of pain. How does this work?11 years 39 weeks ago1468
My mother had CRPS and then developed strong spasms and contortions in her hand a few months later. I read that this can happen after CRPS so shouldn't this have been prevented?11 years 28 weeks ago1479
My brother suffered a back injury on the job and has been left disabled. He was always such a positive person but now he seems hopeless. Can anything be done to help him snap out of it?11 years 45 weeks ago1489
I've always adopted the philosophy of no pain, no gain. Now I'm in a rehab program for chronic pain patients where they say this attitude has to go. Won't I get better faster if I keep pushing?11 years 27 weeks ago1495
I'm going to be seeing a pain counselor to start cognitive behavioral therapy. My doctor thinks this is a good way to decrease the level of chronic low back pain I experience everyday. How long does this kind of treatment take to get results?12 years 3 days ago1496
What are the medications that can be delivered with an intrathecal pump?10 years 44 weeks ago1497
My doctor thinks I might have a condition called CRPS. She says diagnosis can be very difficult. Aren't there any tests that can be done to confirm the diagnosis? I'd really like to know what's wrong.11 years 33 weeks ago1507
What are some of the problems associated with the use of an intrathecal pump? My doctor thinks I should consider one.10 years 44 weeks ago1507
My cousin just came back from the Middle East where he was stationed with the Marines. He seems completely defeated. The family is very concerned. What can we do?11 years 45 weeks ago1511
What is intrathecal pain relief and why can it help severe pain if regular pain killers can't?11 years 32 weeks ago1512
I've been seen a massage therapist for chronic neck pain from a whiplash injury. I notice that while he is doing the massage, I feel fine but afterwards my pain is much higher. What causes this to happen?11 years 37 weeks ago1514
My doctor wants me to see a psychologist. Does that mean he thinks it is all in my head?10 years 40 weeks ago1514
I've been suffering from pain since my car accident a few years ago. My medication doesn't seem to be helping me. Is there anything else I can do?11 years 43 weeks ago1519
Is complex regional pain syndrome really untreatable?11 years 23 weeks ago1520
We are trying to help our father navigate the health care system after a bad car accident. He's in so much pain from fractured ribs and a bad back now made worse. The doctor has put him on an opioid-based medication. What other treatment is there? We'd like to get him off this drug before he gets addicted.10 years 30 weeks ago1521
What types of treatments can we give people with movement disorder that appear after they have had CRPS?11 years 28 weeks ago1524
Is there really any benefit to all that relaxation therapy I see advertised in self-help magazines for people with chronic pain? I've had back pain for years now. I notice as I get older I just don't seem to cope as well as I used to. I don't really have any more pain than before, it just bothers me more.11 years 4 days ago1524
My doctor has advised that I try taking an opioid medication to help get control of my chronic low back pain. I'm more than a little nervous about getting addicted. What's the longest time I can take these pills without getting into trouble?11 years 46 weeks ago1525
I notice that when my husband smashes his finger with a hammer, he curses and swears and acts like a big baby. When I dropped a heavy box on my foot, it hurt like the dickens but I didn't rant and rave about it. Do you think men are just more sensitive to pain? Or are men more likely to yell and shout and be done with it. I was still complaining a week later and he never mentioned it again.11 years 26 weeks ago1526
Please help me understand what's happening. I broke my arm in a bicycle accident. It had to be pinned in six places. I wore an external device with pins through the skin to hold it in place. While it was immobilized, I developed something called CRPS. Now I'm in rehab. But all of a sudden, my hand is starting to jerk and tremor. What is that and will it go away with exercise?11 years 26 weeks ago1526
I'm having trouble cutting loose from my behavioral therapist. He has helped me overcome a 10-year history of chronic back pain. But I've reached the limits of my insurance coverage. I'm worried I won't make it without him.10 years 51 weeks ago1527
The physical therapist I'm working with thinks some of my chronic hip pain is referred pain. It may be coming from my low back area. How does this work?10 years 39 weeks ago1527
Is it true that children are more likely to get better from a pain problem than adults because children think they can and adults take a more pessimistic view?12 years 11 weeks ago1528
My father is being treated for cancer with radiation and then chemotherapy. I notice he's lost a lot of function just in his daily activities. I can't tell if this is from pain or from other symptoms. Is there some way to get a better idea of what's affecting him so much?10 years 49 weeks ago1528
My mother fell last winter on the ice and ended up with a nerve injury in her right shoulder. Despite all treatment so far, nothing has worked. Now she's become a chronic pain patient. I notice the doctor keeps changing her drugs. The dose goes up, then she's switched to another drug. Then she's taking two or three drugs. Does this seem right?11 years 39 weeks ago1529
I notice in my family that when something hurts, it's always in a big way. Everyone complains of severe aches and pain and in more than one place. Is this some kind of genetic thing? Or are we all just hypochondriacs?11 years 18 weeks ago1529
Is complex regional pain syndrome something new? I hadn't heard about it until a few years ago when a few people I know had it or knew people who had it.11 years 5 weeks ago1532
Is it possible that some medications are not being approved because some people are non-responders versus the drug not being beneficial?10 years 42 weeks ago1532
I went to a chronic pain clinic for help with constant headaches and neck pain. One of the treatment options is acupuncture. Are there any side effects from this kind of treatment?12 years 9 weeks ago1533

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