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Accurate Diagnosis First Step in Treating Somatoform Disorders8 years 7 weeks ago4986
Unraveling the Complexities of Pain8 years 8 weeks ago4282
Fear of Re-Injury Makes Injury Last Longer, Delays Return to Work8 years 9 weeks ago3331
Topical Ketamine Promising in Relieving Allodynia from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome8 years 9 weeks ago5960
Doctors May Do Better With Clearer Understanding of Somatisation8 years 11 weeks ago2980
Should Somatization Be Removed as Diagnosis?8 years 11 weeks ago2995
Two Thumbs Up for Computerized Pain Assessment Tool8 years 14 weeks ago3139
Good News For Pain Sufferers8 years 25 weeks ago3573
Reporting on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome From Start to Finish8 years 34 weeks ago5105
Does Dystonia Respond to Baclofen?8 years 37 weeks ago5175
Scientists Find New Link in Solving the Puzzle of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome8 years 39 weeks ago2563
Craving Could Indicate Potential Opioid Medication Misuse8 years 42 weeks ago4570
Radiofrequency Denervation for Low Back Pain is Safe and Effective in Select Patients8 years 46 weeks ago3533
New Approach to Sacroiliac Joint Pain8 years 48 weeks ago3228
Physicians Offered Guidelines in the Use and Monitoring of Opioid Therapy8 years 48 weeks ago3214
Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire Useful Tool in Chronic Pain Assessment9 years 2 weeks ago4405
Experiment With Opioid Pain Killers Failed9 years 3 weeks ago2971
Pain and Inflammation May Be Linked9 years 6 weeks ago2977
Preparing Healthcare Professionals for Patient Pain Management9 years 6 weeks ago3047
Good Oversight May Assure Safety of Analgesia9 years 10 weeks ago2699
Connection Between Depression and Pain Is Weak9 years 10 weeks ago3050
Observers' Pain Catastrophization Affects Pain Estimates, Contextual Information Improves Estimates9 years 10 weeks ago2778
Pain From Fibromyalgia Causes Cognitive Disruptions9 years 11 weeks ago3059
Pain Expression and Activity Tolerance Affect Chronic Pain9 years 12 weeks ago3321
Asthma, Migraines, May Be Connected to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome9 years 12 weeks ago3216
Impact of Chronic Pain on Marriage9 years 13 weeks ago3508
Are Popular Alternative Pain Therapies Effective?9 years 13 weeks ago2915
Two Methods for Diagnosing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Equally Effective9 years 18 weeks ago2758
Catastrophizing and Pain Expectations Related to Time with Nonspecific Back Pain9 years 18 weeks ago2802
Improving the Safety of Pain Pumps After Knee Surgery9 years 21 weeks ago4189

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