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Local Pain Is Really Rather Rare10 years 23 weeks ago2077
Cochrane Review Updates Information on NSAIDs10 years 24 weeks ago2324
Who Can Benefit the Most From Opioid-Based Medications?10 years 26 weeks ago1908
Opioid Use Proven for Short-Term Pain Control10 years 26 weeks ago1889
Who's At Risk for Narcotic Abuse?10 years 26 weeks ago2628
Recognition and Early Prevention of Drug Misuse and Abuse10 years 27 weeks ago2079
Nicotine Improves Pain10 years 27 weeks ago2360
The Link Between Nighttime Sleep and Daytime Pain10 years 28 weeks ago2083
More Emphasis Needed on Preventing Relapse of Chronic Pain10 years 33 weeks ago1982
Modulation of Pain in Osteoarthritis10 years 34 weeks ago2622
Review of Mechanisms and Assessment of Muscle Pain10 years 35 weeks ago1903
Finding the Right Treatment for Chronic Pain: Are We Using the Right Evidence?10 years 35 weeks ago1837
Pain is a Symptom and a Pathologic Condition10 years 35 weeks ago1814
Improving Access to Chronic Pain Care Needed10 years 35 weeks ago1808
A Biopsychomotor Conceptualization of Pain10 years 35 weeks ago2110
Pain Assessment Scale Reliable and Valid Measurement10 years 36 weeks ago2354
Empathy Alters Pain Perception10 years 36 weeks ago2451
Predicting Satisfaction from TENS Depends on Outcome Measure10 years 36 weeks ago1862
Clinical Design in Chronic Pain Studies10 years 38 weeks ago1847
Problems with Pain Pump Devices10 years 38 weeks ago2762
Rechargeable vs. nonrechargeable spinal cord stimulator system10 years 42 weeks ago2307
Defining Chronic Pain10 years 42 weeks ago2088
Patients Who May Develop Repeat CRPS I Might Be Identified Beforehand10 years 44 weeks ago1968
Measuring Pain's Ability to Interfere with Function10 years 45 weeks ago1867
No Evidence That Acupuncture Reduces Arm Pain10 years 45 weeks ago1907
Effects of Meditation on Chronic Low Back Pain10 years 46 weeks ago2073
Telephone-Based Program for Coping with Pain10 years 47 weeks ago1801
Multidimensional Pain Inventory Classifications of Persons with Chronic Pain.10 years 50 weeks ago2407
Buprenophine Still Useful as Alternative to Methadone for Some Patients10 years 50 weeks ago1894
Therapeutic Interactive Voice Response Appears to Decrease Pain and Increase Coping Ability in Chronic Pain10 years 51 weeks ago4100

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