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Topical Application of Nitric Oxide Donor Isosorbide Dinitrate Appears to Improve Symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome11 years 4 days ago2222
No Apparent Role of Mediators in Cerebrospinal Fluid in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Related Dystonia11 years 4 days ago1691
Cannabinoids to Treat Neuropathic Pain11 years 2 weeks ago2249
Body Perception Disturbance and CRPS11 years 2 weeks ago4861
New Pain Measurement Scale, EPCA-2, May Benefit Non-verbal Seniors11 years 3 weeks ago3422
Questionnaires about Personality Traits Appear Useful in Identifying Personality Disorders Among Patients with Chronic Pain11 years 3 weeks ago1877
Physicians Differ in Reasons for not Prescribing Opioids for Noncancer Pain11 years 7 weeks ago1741
Report On Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine11 years 9 weeks ago1751
Opioid Use and Abuse11 years 9 weeks ago3877
Communication Gap between Caregivivers and Patients Using Complementary Alternative Medicine.11 years 10 weeks ago1830
Reasons For Pain At More Than One Site11 years 13 weeks ago2265
Using Opioids for Pain Control Without Addiction11 years 13 weeks ago1847
Helping Patients With Pain May Include Changing Pain Perception11 years 16 weeks ago1738
Researchers Use Quantitative Sensory Testing to Evaluate Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) in Children and Adolescents11 years 18 weeks ago1684
Researchers Investing Common Link Between Chronic Itch and Chronic Pain11 years 18 weeks ago2319
CRPS and Dystonia: Unusual Co-existing Disorders11 years 21 weeks ago1855
How Does the Chronic Pain Grade Survey Match Up Against the ICF Model?11 years 21 weeks ago1833
Pain and Anger Management Style: What's the Relationship?11 years 21 weeks ago1764
Movement Disorders With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome11 years 22 weeks ago1813
Behavior Patterns and Their Relation to Chronic Pain11 years 22 weeks ago2385
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome May Lead to Movement Disorders in Some Patients11 years 23 weeks ago2245
Chronic Pain Grade Questionnaire Combines with International Classification of Functioning Disability Scale11 years 23 weeks ago4332
Dystonia Not Rare in Patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome11 years 23 weeks ago1795
High Daily Doses of Vitamin C After Wrist Fracture May Prevent Complex Regional Pain Syndrome11 years 24 weeks ago1595
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Still Slow to Be Diagnosed in Children11 years 25 weeks ago2289
Tracing the Pain Pathway in Damange Nerves11 years 25 weeks ago2607
Early Detection and Treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome11 years 28 weeks ago2142
Tailored Drug Therapy for Pain Control11 years 28 weeks ago1777
Current Opioid Misuse Measure May Help Physicians Identify Those at Risk of Abusing Opioids11 years 30 weeks ago2041
Results of 30 Years of Data on Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Pain11 years 31 weeks ago3180

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