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Relating to Others in Pain12 years 47 weeks ago2066
Surprising Findings About Psychosocial Factors and Low Back Pain12 years 47 weeks ago1959
New Tool to Measure the Pain Experience12 years 47 weeks ago2126
Fear More Than Pain Predicts Outcome in Low Back Pain12 years 47 weeks ago1784
Worry: A Common Problem for Chronic Pain Sufferers12 years 47 weeks ago1805
First Study to Link Age, Attachment Style, and Chronic Pain Together12 years 47 weeks ago1776
Predicting the Future of Shoulder Pain12 years 47 weeks ago1803
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Can't Be Simplified Just Yet12 years 47 weeks ago1848
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Study12 years 47 weeks ago1999
Best Practice Recommendations for Use of Spinal Injections12 years 45 weeks ago1874
Pain Intensity As a Predictor of Rehab Outcomes12 years 42 weeks ago1953
The Right Dose of Opioid Analgesics for Chronic Pain12 years 41 weeks ago1862
Pain Patterns After Neurosurgery12 years 37 weeks ago2179
The Effect of Past Pain Experiences on Future Pain Ratings12 years 37 weeks ago1732
Pain Turns Off Attention Switch12 years 37 weeks ago1946
Testing the Fear-Avoidance Model12 years 35 weeks ago2163
The Role of Genetics and Pain in Drug Tolerance and Addiction12 years 35 weeks ago1822
The Effect of Chronic Pain on Driving Ability12 years 31 weeks ago1939
Comparing Two Methods of Pain Control After Shoulder Surgery12 years 30 weeks ago1854
Waiting for Pain is Worse than the Pain Itself12 years 25 weeks ago1824
Estimating Pain in Others12 years 24 weeks ago2023
Attachment Theory and Chronic Pain12 years 23 weeks ago2525
Measuring Problems Associated with Pain12 years 21 weeks ago1984
Botox A For Relief of Muscle Pain12 years 10 weeks ago1947
Children Who Function Well Despite Chronic Pain: What's Their Secret?12 years 6 weeks ago1829
Long-Term Use of Opioids Brought Into Question12 years 6 weeks ago1847
Using NSAIDs Safely and Effectively12 years 6 weeks ago1859
Piriformis Injection With Ultrasound Guidance12 years 4 weeks ago2430
New Disability Profile Identified in Chronic Spine Disorders12 years 2 weeks ago3393
Biologic Factors in Chronic Pain Are Important, Too12 years 3 days ago1788

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