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High Daily Doses of Vitamin C After Wrist Fracture May Prevent Complex Regional Pain Syndrome11 years 24 weeks ago1595
More Consistent and Regulated Studies Needed to Determine the Role of Psychosocial Factors on Chronic Pain11 years 34 weeks ago1605
Spinal Canal Opening Does Not Mean Better Success with Injections11 years 37 weeks ago1684
Researchers Use Quantitative Sensory Testing to Evaluate Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) in Children and Adolescents11 years 18 weeks ago1684
Opioid Use for Back Pain May Be Just a Fad11 years 41 weeks ago1690
No Apparent Role of Mediators in Cerebrospinal Fluid in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Related Dystonia11 years 4 days ago1691
Opioids for Chronic Pain Work But Are Misunderstood11 years 34 weeks ago1719
The Effect of Past Pain Experiences on Future Pain Ratings12 years 37 weeks ago1732
Helping Patients With Pain May Include Changing Pain Perception11 years 16 weeks ago1738
Physicians Differ in Reasons for not Prescribing Opioids for Noncancer Pain11 years 7 weeks ago1741
Report On Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine11 years 9 weeks ago1751
Pain and Anger Management Style: What's the Relationship?11 years 21 weeks ago1764
First Study to Link Age, Attachment Style, and Chronic Pain Together12 years 47 weeks ago1776
How the Experts Diagnose Trigger Point Pain Syndrome11 years 40 weeks ago1777
Tailored Drug Therapy for Pain Control11 years 28 weeks ago1777
Fear More Than Pain Predicts Outcome in Low Back Pain12 years 47 weeks ago1784
Biologic Factors in Chronic Pain Are Important, Too12 years 3 days ago1788
Dystonia Not Rare in Patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome11 years 23 weeks ago1795
Benefits and Concerns About Use of Opioids for Chronic Pain11 years 33 weeks ago1800
Telephone-Based Program for Coping with Pain10 years 46 weeks ago1800
Predicting the Future of Shoulder Pain12 years 47 weeks ago1803
Sleep Quality and Disability11 years 47 weeks ago1804
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome May Be More Common Than Thought11 years 33 weeks ago1804
Worry: A Common Problem for Chronic Pain Sufferers12 years 47 weeks ago1805
Improving Access to Chronic Pain Care Needed10 years 34 weeks ago1805
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy May Help Chronic Pain Patients11 years 47 weeks ago1812
Movement Disorders With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome11 years 22 weeks ago1813
Pain is a Symptom and a Pathologic Condition10 years 34 weeks ago1813
The Role of Genetics and Pain in Drug Tolerance and Addiction12 years 35 weeks ago1822
Waiting for Pain is Worse than the Pain Itself12 years 25 weeks ago1824

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