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A Biopsychomotor Conceptualization of Pain10 years 35 weeks ago2109
Accurate Diagnosis First Step in Treating Somatoform Disorders9 years 6 weeks ago5561
Acupuncture and Chronic Pain Management11 years 38 weeks ago1963
Are Popular Alternative Pain Therapies Effective?10 years 12 weeks ago3297
Asthma, Migraines, May Be Connected to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome10 years 11 weeks ago3564
Attachment Behaviors and Health11 years 38 weeks ago1932
Attachment Theory and Chronic Pain12 years 23 weeks ago2525
Behavior Patterns and Their Relation to Chronic Pain11 years 22 weeks ago2385
Benefits and Concerns About Use of Opioids for Chronic Pain11 years 33 weeks ago1800
Best Practice Recommendations for Use of Spinal Injections12 years 45 weeks ago1874
Biologic Factors in Chronic Pain Are Important, Too12 years 3 days ago1788
Body Perception Disturbance and CRPS11 years 2 weeks ago4861
Botox A For Relief of Muscle Pain12 years 10 weeks ago1947
Buprenophine Still Useful as Alternative to Methadone for Some Patients10 years 49 weeks ago1894
Cannabinoids to Treat Neuropathic Pain11 years 2 weeks ago2249
Catastrophizing and Pain Expectations Related to Time with Nonspecific Back Pain10 years 17 weeks ago3182
Children Who Function Well Despite Chronic Pain: What's Their Secret?12 years 6 weeks ago1829
Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire Useful Tool in Chronic Pain Assessment10 years 1 week ago4885
Chronic Pain Grade Questionnaire Combines with International Classification of Functioning Disability Scale11 years 23 weeks ago4332
Clinical Design in Chronic Pain Studies10 years 37 weeks ago1844
Cochrane Review Updates Information on NSAIDs10 years 23 weeks ago2323
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy May Help Chronic Pain Patients11 years 47 weeks ago1812
Communication Gap between Caregivivers and Patients Using Complementary Alternative Medicine.11 years 10 weeks ago1830
Comparing Two Methods of Pain Control After Shoulder Surgery12 years 30 weeks ago1854
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Study12 years 47 weeks ago1999
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Can't Be Simplified Just Yet12 years 47 weeks ago1848
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome May Be More Common Than Thought11 years 33 weeks ago1804
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome May Lead to Movement Disorders in Some Patients11 years 23 weeks ago2245
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Still Slow to Be Diagnosed in Children11 years 25 weeks ago2289
Connection Between Depression and Pain Is Weak10 years 9 weeks ago3434

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