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Finding the Right Treatment Combinations for Neck Pain

Neck pain is just as common as low back pain in Canada and the United States. There are many studies on low back pain, but very few on neck pain. Most of the studies only report short-term results (less than one year).

Updated Criteria for Returning Players to Sport after Neck Injury

Neck injuries are fairly common in sports such as football, rugby, skiing, boxing, and gymnastics. Most of these neck injuries aren't serious. But doctors are still concerned about injuries that affect the spinal cord. Such injuries include stingers (which cause a burning sensation down an arm) and temporary paralysis or weakness in two to four limbs. The worst symptoms usually go away within minutes, but pain and weakness can last for awhile.

Going for the Throat to Reduce Complications after Neck Fusion

Most people are familiar with the idea that low back pain can be caused by disc problems. But discs can also cause problems in the neck. Damaged discs in the neck can cause muscle weakness, hand numbness, arm pain, and even bowel or bladder problems.

Enlarging the Treatment Options for Cervical Myelopathy

Pressure on the spinal cord from a protruding disc or other cause can be serious. In the neck, this condition is called cervical myelopathy. If it gets worse, the patient can end up with major problems. There can be weakness that never gets better, bowel or bladder problems, and other nervous system symptoms.

Young and Restless with a Neck Ache

It seems that neck pain is no respecter of persons. Young and old alike suffer from neck and shoulder pain and symptoms. At least 15 percent of all teenagers suffer from painful neck and shoulder symptoms on a weekly basis. And these symptoms among teenagers have reportedly increased during the past 10 years. The number of people affected increases with age.

Neck Hurt? That Is the Question

Doctors at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland, needed a way to measure and describe neck pain. They wanted a survey that also shows the results of treatment.

This tool needs to be reliable and valid. This means it can be counted on to be accurate from patient to patient, and that it measures what it says it's going to measure.

Surgeons Bring Relief for Headaches that Start in the Neck

Disc problems in the neck can cause severe headaches. In some people, these headaches come with nausea, arm pain, dizziness, and vision problems. When no other treatments work, surgery may become necessary. But how well does surgery work?

No Muscle Backlash after Whiplash

Scientists still haven't unlocked the mystery of the whiplash injury. After being rear-ended, why do some people walk away without any neck pain and soreness, while others suffer months of painful symptoms? Researchers are looking for some answers.

Workers Compensation Patients Have a Greater Pain in the Neck

Why do patients on worker's compensation tend to have a harder time recovering from neck and back pain? There are many theories but no answers. This study looked at over 2000 patients with neck pain. All the patients filled out a standard survey about their background and their health.

Head-Turning News about Neck Motion

Every day, most of us turn, bend, and twist our necks without thinking about it. The joints of the neck move smoothly while we wash our hair, read a newspaper, or tie our shoes. For people with neck problems, these actions aren't easy. Arthritis, aging, and other diseases can change the way we move during everyday activities.

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