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Confronting Neck Pain to Know When Surgery Can Help

Neck problems that involve pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerves may require surgery. Doctors usually know whether surgery is needed in these cases. But they haven't always been certain whether patients whose main problem is neck pain should go ahead with neck surgery. This type of pain, called mechanical neck pain, starts in the neck and may spread into the upper back or to the outside of the shoulder.

Hazard: Necks on the Loose

Changes sometimes occur in the neck as we get older. Unless we have neck and shoulder pain or other symptoms, we probably aren't aware of these changes. For example, the bones in the neck called vertebrae commonly form bone spurs. The spurs can be smooth and round but are usually spiked and sharp. The ligaments around the bones may get thicker or thinner.

Headache? Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

Headaches are common in adults of all ages. Most of us recognize the age-old "tension headache." These headaches are caused by face, scalp, and neck muscles contracting for long periods of time. Tension headaches may come and go, but they don't usually last weeks or months at a time. Other headaches are caused by muscle or joint problems in the neck. These are called cervicogenic headaches.

A Knack for Nicking Neck Nerves

Doctors in Japan are trying to improve an operation for a condition called cervical dystonia. This is a problem of unknown cause that affects the muscles around the neck and face. The muscles contract on their own, causing twisting movements and strange postures.

Spinal Cord in a Pinch

When the neck is extended suddenly, the spinal cord can get compressed. Serious damage to the spinal cord can also occur from car accidents, diving, and falls. Symptoms of pain, burning, and numbness in the arms and hands signal a condition called acute cervical central cord syndrome (ACCCS). Muscle weakness may also be present.

A New Doorway to Relieve Cervical Myelopathy

Disc problems commonly affect the low back. Less often, disc material can press against the spinal cord of the neck. This is called cervical myelopathy. Myelopathy can cause problems with the bowels and bladder, change the way you walk, and affect your ability to use your fingers and hand.

Sweating through Neck and Shoulder Pain: Exercise Scores Again!

Muscle pain from work activities is often treated with exercise and stress management. How well do these programs work? And how long do the benefits last?

Is Your Job a Pain in the Neck? Working toward an Understanding of Neck/Shoulder Pain

If you have muscle pain in your neck and shoulders, you may wonder exactly where it comes from. Is it from doing the same tasks over and over at work? From job demands, or the amount of control and support you feel in the workplace? Or does neck pain come from personal factors such as your age, activity level, and personality?

These researchers collected information from over 3,000 workers in 19 industrial and service settings. The workers mostly did unskilled, blue-collar work.

My niece has been diagnosed with bone cancer. The doctors have talked to the family about "limb salvage." What is this?

In the past, bone tumors couldn't be removed without destroying the bone. This often required an amputation. Today, tumors can be removed and surgery done to reconstruct the arm or leg. This is referred to as limb salvage.

I've heard that having my neck adjusted can cause a stroke. Is this true?

There have been reports of stroke after neck manipulation, but this is extremely rare. Stroke occurs after one of every one million manipulations. Actually, the chance of stroke after neck manipulation is less than that of complications from other neck treatments, such as medication or surgery.

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