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Does whiplash actually change the way people move their necks, or does it only change how much they move?16 years 45 weeks ago1926
Eight months ago I had an ACDF to fuse my neck at C56. The X-rays show movement at that segment so I need another operation. What will they do next?12 years 36 weeks ago2417
Eighteen months ago I had an anterior cervical spine fusion. They took the discs out at two levels and used bone from my hip to fuse the neck together. I still have severe pain most days. X-rays show movement at one level. What's the next step from here?13 years 6 weeks ago1919
Even though I was wearing a seat belt, I still fractured my spine in a recent car accident. What went wrong?11 years 17 weeks ago1793
Even though my X-rays were normal the doctor says I have an "unstable" neck. What does this means exactly?13 years 18 weeks ago2000
Ever since I had a car accident I notice my neck gets stiff and I start getting a headache if I get chilled. Is this a common problem?12 years 31 weeks ago1680
Have you ever heard of a French door operation for the neck? My brother says this is what he's having done. What is it?11 years 1 week ago1691
Have you ever heard of a pneumocephalus? My wife got this after an epidural at C6-C7. What causes this? Will she be okay?11 years 15 weeks ago2485
Have you ever heard of an oblique corpectomy? What is it and how does it help with neck pain?9 years 35 weeks ago1988
Have you ever heard of chocolate triggering headaches? My husband is sure he has a chocolate-loving brain tumor causing his headaches. I think I've heard there's something in chocolate that can give some people headaches. Should he see a doctor?9 years 32 weeks ago1960
Have you ever heard of losing the ability to swallow after surgery? My 62 year old wife had a neck fusion for a disc herniation at C45. Now she's having trouble speaking and swallowing.11 years 47 weeks ago1936
Have you ever heard of someone having a stroke after a chiropractic neck adjustment?13 years 23 weeks ago1755
How come some people in the same car accident get a whiplash and others don't?10 years 26 weeks ago1791
How do I know if I have whiplash or if I just have a sore neck?11 years 39 weeks ago1973
How do they keep the new artificial discs in place once they're inserted into the spine? Are they stitched, screwed, nailed, or what?13 years 6 weeks ago1774
How does whiplash happen and how is it treated?11 years 39 weeks ago1661
How is Horner's syndrome related to neck pain? My father-in-law was just told by his doctor that's what's causing his neck pain. All this time we thought he just had a bad case of arthritis.14 years 8 weeks ago2479
How is it possible to have pressure on my spinal cord but not have any signs that there's a problem? I had an MRI for another problem and they found significant cord compression in my neck. But I don't have any pain or neurologic problems so far.9 years 34 weeks ago1993
How is whiplash diagnosed?11 years 39 weeks ago1919
How is whiplash treated?11 years 31 weeks ago1918
How long does it take to recover from fusion surgery in the neck?11 years 12 weeks ago2376
How long does it usually take to recover from a whiplash injury? It's been three weeks and I'm still stiff and sore.13 years 45 weeks ago1950
I am 70 years old and had a stroke two years ago. Last week I slept too long in one position, and now I have a stiff neck. I would like to see a specialist for a neck adjustment. Is there a chance that neck manipulation will cause another stroke?16 years 40 weeks ago1991
I am a diabetic and have concerns about having a medial branch block with an anesthetic and a steroid. The steroid has elevated my blood sugar. Is it effective without the steroid?10 years 21 weeks ago1682
I am a newly graduated nurse now working in a large trauma center. The social workers tell me not to believe what patients say during the intake interview. They say that when it comes to car accidents, if it wasn't the patient's fault, they will report much higher pain levels and deny a previous history of neck or back pain. Is there any truth to this that you know of?9 years 51 weeks ago1818
I am a physical therapist getting ready to join the Peace Corps. One of my jobs will be to treat patients in various places around the world with neck and back pain. Is there a standardized instrument to measure neck pain and disability that has been translated into different languages? I can speak English, Spanish, French, and a little bit of German.10 years 20 weeks ago1835
I am a professional singer who has to have neck surgery. The doctor wants to go in through the front of my neck to join the bones in my spine. Will I lose my voice?17 years 13 weeks ago2021
I am a schoolteacher working in special education. Everyday, I lift children weighing anywhere from 30 to 100 pounds. I’m planning to have an anterior discectomy and fusion in my neck. I know I’ll be off work for a while, but will I be able to go back to my work full-time?13 years 33 weeks ago1598
I am a two-pack per day smoker. I'm planning to quit smoking so that I can have three bones in my neck fused together. The doctor has advised me that smoker's have more failed neck fusions than nonsmokers. How long before the operation should I quit to get this effect?13 years 43 weeks ago1793
I am disabled and my wife is the main bread winner. I'm worried because she had a car accident about three months ago and she still doesn't seem back to normal. We can't afford for her to lose her job. I'm hoping the fact that her job doesn't require a lot of thought will hide the fact that she just isn't thinking right. Will she recover with a little more time?9 years 48 weeks ago1808

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