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Whenever I lift my arm forward above eye level, my neck hurts. What could be causing this strange problem?13 years 22 weeks ago4065
Whenever I look up at the sky or try to look at the stars, my neck "clunks". I can't tell if this is a sound it makes, but I can feel the clunking sensation. What could be causing this? There's no pain but it makes me a little nervous thinking something serious is wrong.10 years 29 weeks ago2131
Whenever my father falls asleep in his chair and his head bobs forward, he stops breathing. I'm afraid to leave him alone. Is this normal in a 78-year old?12 years 30 weeks ago1619
Whiplash seems like such a common injury. How come we can't prevent it?10 years 49 weeks ago1589
Why is chronic neck and back pain being called an economic problem?11 years 9 weeks ago2185
Why is it some people get better after a whiplash injury and others don't? I've noticed over the years with friends and family that you either get better or you don't.13 years 44 weeks ago1633
Why is it that sometimes the signs of whiplash don't show until a day or two after an accident?10 years 17 weeks ago1651
Will my neck motion be decreased following an anterior cervical fusion?11 years 7 weeks ago1703
With all of today's modern technology, why can't they fix something as simple as a whiplash injury? When I went on-line to look at the studies about what causes whiplash, the results were still very sketchy. There's more that isn't known than is. Why is that?14 years 49 weeks ago1550
With so many risks involved with neck surgery, is it really worth it to go under the knife if your problem isn't life threatening?10 years 2 weeks ago1978
Years ago I had a lumbar laminectomy because of a disc bulge pressing on the nerves. Now I'm supposed to have a foraminotomy for the same problem in my neck. Don't they do laminectomies for the neck area? Why not?11 years 51 weeks ago1800

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