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I had a decompression surgery for cervical myelopathy. The tests don't show any difference in my strength or function from before surgery. But I can do so much more now and it seems like the surgery was a success. Is it all just in my head?13 years 31 weeks ago1626
I had a discectomy and fusion at C5 and C6 two years ago. I did well for about two years. Now I'm having more pain and problems with my neck. My doctor just did some tests, and apparently there is a bulge in the disc at C6 and C7. What should I do?17 years 3 weeks ago3611
I had a minor fender bender last July. I still have headaches and neck pain. And I'm starting to notice problems with concentrating and memory. Can a whiplash injury get worse over time instead of better?11 years 14 weeks ago1921
I had a neck fusion about two months ago. I can't believe how many people I've met since then who've had the same thing. I never knew anybody who had this surgery before this happened to me. How common is it?12 years 12 weeks ago1480
I had a neck fusion with titanium plates at two levels. I've had nothing but problems with loose screws, scar tissue, and nerve damage. Can't they invent some kind of plate or screw that is plastic or biodegradable?13 years 2 days ago2291
I had a neck injury playing football, and I'm trying to decide whether to go back and finish the season. I asked two different doctors what I should do, and they told me different things. Why is that? Who should I trust?17 years 28 weeks ago1904
I had a serious car accident two weeks ago. Besides a head wound that needed 15 stitches, I also hurt my neck. When I saw a chiropractor and a physical therapist, they both insisted the problem was in the middle of my back. Does that seem right?14 years 7 weeks ago1531
I had a serious neck injury skiing last winter. I quit the ski team, but is it okay to do other sports?17 years 28 weeks ago1841
I had a steroid injection into my neck for neck and arm pain. My neck pain went away, but I had a terrific headache for three days. How often does this happen?13 years 26 weeks ago1805
I had a very minor car accident last year. Ever since I notice I can't turn my head to the left quickly without getting dizzy. What could be causing this?14 years 45 weeks ago1517
I had a very sore neck the other day - the pain radiated from the middle of my neck out to the sides. The doctor in the emergency room did a scan and said I had crowned dens syndrome. I've never heard of that. What is it?11 years 5 weeks ago1718
I had a very successful fusion at C4-5 about five years ago. It looks like I'm going to need another fusion at C5-6. The last time they used bone chips taken from my pelvic bone for the graft. That hurt for two years while my neck felt fine. I'd really like to avoid that problem this time. Is there any way around it? Any plastic substitute or glue they can use now?13 years 5 weeks ago1785
I had a whiplash injury six months ago. The doctor says the tissues are healed but I'm still having pain. What's going on in the neck to keep the pain going? I'm not a hypochondriac...I really want to get back to normal.12 years 35 weeks ago1615
I had a whiplash injury two months ago. Since I didn't get better with activity and exercise, the doctor sent me to a physical therapist. I still have a lot of pain and stiffness with movement. It seems like the therapist is asking me to do things beyond my abilities. How far should I push through the symptoms of this injury?16 years 42 weeks ago1625
I had an ACIF neck fusion about two years ago. Everything is going well. I know I might need another fusion later if there's breakdown at the spine above or below the level of the original problem. If it hasn't happened by now, am I home free?14 years 5 days ago3896
I had decompression surgery for a condition called syringomyelia. The cyst inside my spinal cord extended over three levels. The MRI shows no change in the size of the cyst. But I feel much better. How do you explain this?11 years 11 weeks ago1914
I had my cervical spine fused at the C45 level about two years ago. I remember being told that it might cause the level above or below to go bad in time. So far, nothing has happened. How long does it take before this starts to happen?10 years 21 weeks ago2038
I had my first chiropractic neck adjustment yesterday. Today I have neck and headache pain. I'm also very stiff. Should I ever go back?13 years 22 weeks ago1575
I had my neck fused 12 years ago. At the time of the operation, I was told to expect another operation when the nearby levels start to break down too. So far, so good. I've gone this long without problems. Will I really need another operation?13 years 45 weeks ago1860
I had my neck fused at two levels and I'm feeling great. But the follow-up MRI shows there's still a narrowing of the spinal canal and pressure on the spinal cord. Is it just a matter of time before I get the pain and numbness back?11 years 31 weeks ago1427
I had my neck fused in two places six years ago. The most recent X-ray report says there is moderate degeneration at C4/5. What does this mean?14 years 45 weeks ago1572
I had neck surgery to fuse my spine in two places. The surgeon did the operation from the front of my neck to avoid damaging my spinal canal and the nerves in my neck. Unfortunately I ended up with nerve damage and can hardly talk. I work as an auctioneer and really need my voice. How long does it take for this problem to clear up?12 years 46 weeks ago2285
I had surgery through the front of my neck to fuse bones in my spine, and now I have to have the same procedure again. Am I more at risk for complications the second time around?17 years 12 weeks ago1983
I had surgery to fuse my neck in two places. After the operation my arms ached for several days. What could have caused this?14 years 49 weeks ago1617
I had whiplash several years ago and it was no big deal; it hurt a bit but then it went away. My sister got whiplash a while ago and is still getting treatment for it. Now they're talking about injecting something into her neck. Why doesn't it go away like mine did?11 years 4 days ago1617
I have a "mild" case of spinal cord compression from disc herniation at C4/5 in my neck. This diagnosis certainly isn't based on my symptoms, which are very severe. What does it mean?15 years 2 weeks ago2529
I have a catalog of home healthy care products. would one of those over-the-door home traction units help with my neck pain?11 years 19 weeks ago1529
I have a cervical spine fusion that didn't work. The doctor wants to go back in and re-fuse the area. I already have a big bump of scar tissue on the front of my neck. Can they do this operation any other way besides cutting through the same area again?12 years 36 weeks ago1731
I have a chance to be part of a study using a dissolving plate to fuse my neck. I'm wondering what you think about these.9 years 9 weeks ago3095
I have a disc pressing on the spinal cord in my neck. I just found out the bladder problems I'm having are from the disc. How is that possible?13 years 12 weeks ago1903

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