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I just bought a used car with pull-up head supports. How should I adjust these to get the best head and neck support?16 years 44 weeks ago1612
I just can't seem to get comfortable in bed at night. Ever since my car accident, I've had neck and back pain that's worse at night. I've been trying different pillows hoping something might help. Is there one type of pillow that you know works best for this sort of problem?10 years 43 weeks ago2013
I just had my two-year follow-up after a neck fusion. The X-rays show some degeneration at the level below my fusion. I'm not having any symptoms ... yet. Should I just go ahead and have that level fused, too? Why wait until it becomes a problem?14 years 6 days ago1533
I know I have neck pain from long hours in front of the computer, but what can I do about it? My job is computer based and I can't get away from it.14 years 8 weeks ago1433
I know that certain physical activities can cause neck pain in the workplace. But what about other, less visible factors? Does the "personality" of the office make a difference?16 years 45 weeks ago1773
I like to knit, crochet, and do other handwork at night after work. I've done this as a form of relaxation for years. But now with a disc problem and bad arthritis, my doctor has recommended fusing two or three of the bones together in my neck. Will I have to give up my sewing?9 years 41 weeks ago2044
I may need to have surgery for a bad disc in my neck. The doc wants me to try six weeks of PT first. If I need surgery, there are two choices: fusion or disc replacement. Is one better than the other?11 years 32 weeks ago1456
I my first car accident -- I was hit from the side by a driver who ran a stop sign. My car and my neck were totalled. It's been six weeks and my neck is painful and stiff, I have headaches and ringing in the ears, and I can't sleep laying down. How much longer will this go on? I'm usually up and on my feet after a few days, but this has knocked me flat.10 years 8 weeks ago2382
I need some surgery on my neck to help stabilize the spine. The surgeon is talking about a fusion at one or more levels with cages. I've been told the results are better if only one level is fused. What happens if we get up to three levels?12 years 36 weeks ago1403
I notice my uncle can't seem to lift his head up all the way anymore. His chin is on his chest most of the time. Should I encourage him to get some help? He's 72, so maybe it's just part of getting older.11 years 47 weeks ago3702
I notice when I raise my hands over my head for more than 10 seconds, I get a burning pain in my upper back. Is this serious?13 years 22 weeks ago1587
I read my doctor's report on me and it said clinical diagnosis of cervical myelopathy. Order MRI to make the differential diagnosis. Can you please interpret this for me?9 years 34 weeks ago2208
I rear-ended someone last month who is making a mountain out of a molehill. She is claiming she has a severe whiplash injury from the accident. I was only going five miles per hour when it happened. The insurance companies will duke it out. But I'm sure I'll be paying higher premiums for it. Is there any way to prove this lady doesn't really have such a severe problem as she says?10 years 8 weeks ago2227
I recently had some X-rays taken of my neck and upper back. There were two large bone spurs in my cervical spine from C3 to C5. I'm not having any symptoms but the doctor suggested taking these out anyway. What could happen if I don't have them removed?12 years 30 weeks ago1678
I recently heard the term, late whiplash syndrome. What does it mean?10 years 39 weeks ago1775
I run a small chain of local hotels in the west. On any given day, there are always two or three desk clerks complaining of neck pain. Is there something about the job that's causing this? Or is it just that young people don't want to work so they call in sick with various aches and pains? I'm losing money over this issue.10 years 8 weeks ago1882
I saw a chiropractor for a neck adjustment. I was very dizzy and had a headache for about 24 hours. Would I be better off seeing my regular doctor or a physical therapist?13 years 22 weeks ago2724
I saw a physical therapist for neck pain about six weeks ago. Even though I'm just doing some nodding exercises, I seem to be much better. How can such a simple exercise make such a difference?14 years 7 weeks ago1495
I saw a report on whiplash injuries and mental stress. The researchers showed that psychologic distress isn't linked with neck pain after a whiplash injury. How can anyone really measure this kind of stress, especially when so many people are already taking anti-depressants?15 years 2 weeks ago1598
I saw a report that patients with arthritis and collapsing bones may need a corpectomy. What is this?13 years 42 weeks ago1647
I saw a short report on the news about neck pain. According to some new research, my life expectancy won't change no matter what kind of treatment I get for neck pain. What does that mean, anyway? How would my life be threatened by treatment for a pain in the neck?10 years 43 weeks ago1529
I saw a special on TV about cellular memories. They said many painful conditions may be linked to cells "remembering" the injury. Could this explain why I still have chronic head and neck pain after a car accident 10 years ago?13 years 2 days ago1346
I saw someone the other day who had one of those metal rings on her head with pins. Is that thing actually screwed to her head? That thing looks heavy.10 years 4 weeks ago1843
I see there's a new disc replacement out for the neck now. If I've already had neck surgery, can I still qualify for a new disc?13 years 5 weeks ago1492
I see there's some research to show that exercise works for problems like neck pain but in the end everyone gets about the same results. Is it even really worth doing the exercise program?13 years 48 weeks ago1400
I seem to hold a lot of tension in my neck at work. My job isn't physical, but it's stressful. Could my neck pain have anything to do with my work?16 years 45 weeks ago1872
I sit at a computer all day working as a copy editor for a small publisher. After three years, I'm starting to get some neck and arm pain that doesn't go away with rest. What can I do to keep this from getting worse?11 years 10 weeks ago1476
I started seeing a physical therapist for neck pain last month. I noticed there are several other neck patients being treated by someone else who are already better. They don't need treatment anymore. Am I doing something wrong? Should I see that other therapist myself?12 years 9 weeks ago1361
I understand one of the drawbacks from neck fusion is a problem with the degeneration at the next level later. If I have one fusion what are the odds I'll need another next year?14 years 6 days ago1766
I was having some numbness in my fingers and dropping things. So I went to see my doctor who diagnosed me with cervical OPLL. Right now, it's mild. But I'm worried it might get worse. Should I have surgery to nip the problem in the bud, so-to-speak?9 years 49 weeks ago2202

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