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I was in a bad car accident two years ago. I've never fully recovered. I still have headaches, dizziness, and constant pain. X-rays were taken but didn't show anything. I've tried acupuncture and craniosacral therapy but nothing helps. What do you think I should do next?10 years 29 weeks ago1527
I was in a car accident (my fault) while out shopping with a friend. My friend tends to be a bit on the hysterical side normally. I felt terrible about the accident, but she hasn't quit complaining about the pain in her neck from the whiplash. I had a little stiffness and soreness for a day or two but that was all. Are these problems really just personality driven?10 years 8 weeks ago3015
I was in a car accident 10 years ago. Two bones in my neck were damaged. The doctor fused them together at that time. Since then, I've managed to avoid any more surgery, but now the bones are collapsing and causing terrible pain. What can be done for this?15 years 44 weeks ago1931
I was in a car accident 10-years ago and hurt both my neck and my low back. Last year I had a lumbar fusion with the new bone growth rhBMP. It worked beautifully. Now I need a neck fusion. Can they do the same operation to fuse my neck?12 years 5 weeks ago1695
I was in a car accident 2 years ago and I am still having neck pain. Is there anything that can be done for it?11 years 10 weeks ago1773
I was in a car accident five months ago. I got some improvement in my neck pain and headaches but I seem to be stuck and going nowhere too fast. What can I do to get back to normal?11 years 44 weeks ago1558
I was in a car accident two weeks ago and was diagnosed with a whiplash injury. What is the best thing to do for it?11 years 10 weeks ago1542
I was in a front-end collision and had a bad neck injury. The MRI showed a torn ligament along the back of my neck. I wasn't even hit that hard by the other driver. Was this ligament defective and just ready to break?13 years 7 weeks ago2874
I was in a front-end collision last year and still have neck pain. The doctors can't find anything and the MRIs are all negative. Is there any explanation for this kind of lingering pain?14 years 4 weeks ago1496
I was in a minor rear-end collision a month ago and have been having headaches ever since. Could the headaches be related to my accident?17 years 24 weeks ago2068
I was involved in a low-speed car accident. Even though we were only going 10 miles per hour, I still ended up with a whiplash injury. Is this normal?14 years 45 weeks ago1580
I was involved in a motorcycle accident six months ago. I was treated in the emergency room and hospitalized for two days. After I was released, I still had tremendous pain and loss of motion in my right arm. Come to find out, some of the nerves in my arm were pulled completely away. I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon next week. Is it too late for help?10 years 14 weeks ago1649
I was involved in a rear-end car crash. My doctor told me I have a "whiplash injury." What is this?16 years 44 weeks ago1792
I was looking on-line for some ideas on how to treat my neck pain. The reports I saw were based on studies with only a few patients in each one. Can they really tell anything from that?14 years 20 weeks ago1487
I was one of the first people in our area to have a disc replacement for a herniated disc that was pressing on my spinal cord. That was five years ago. So far, so good. They did warn me that anything could happen -- I could end up with the implant pressing on the cord or another disc going bad above or below the implant. I like to keep up on this technology, should I ever need another one. What's the latest?9 years 11 weeks ago3146
I was rear-ended in a minor car accident six weeks ago. I'm still having neck pain from it. It wasn't really a huge impact, so why am I still having symptoms?14 years 49 weeks ago1731
I was rear-ended yesterday. My car was totalled and I got a bad whiplash injury. What's the best way to treat this? I don't have any sick leave at work so I need to get better fast.10 years 19 weeks ago1648
I was recently diagnosed with cervical spine myelopathy. I've been told the only real treatment for this problem is surgery. Is that really true?12 years 4 weeks ago1563
I was treated yesterday for pain from a whiplash injury. The doctor did a neck manipulation. Today I have ringing in the right ear and pain down my right arm. Is this normal?14 years 20 weeks ago1587
I was very relieved to wake up after a neck fusion without any hoarseness or loss of voice. They warned me many times that this could happen. I guess I'm wondering how I lucked out?9 years 50 weeks ago1885
I went to see a neurosurgeon about having an artificial disc put in my neck. I have severe arthritis and degenerative disc disease. I was turned down as a candidate. Do you think the surgery will be advanced enough in a couple years to include people like me?13 years 5 weeks ago1439
I went to see a physical therapist for muscle pain around my shoulder blade. He seems to be doing all the treatment on my neck. I am feeling better but what about the shoulder blade? Why isn't he treating that problem?13 years 22 weeks ago1472
I went to see a physical therapist right after I had a car accident. The biofeedback we are using shows the muscles of my neck and shoulders are contracting when they should be relaxed. We are trying to change this pattern. What causes it?14 years 20 weeks ago1534
I went to see a rheumatologist because my regular doctor thinks I have rheumatoid arthritis. She ordered X-rays of my neck. Is this typical? What does it tell them?12 years 42 weeks ago1531
I went to the doctor for a problem with neck pain. The insurance won't pay because the diagnosis is "nonspecific neck pain." They insist they need a real diagnosis. What is "nonspecific neck pain"? I was pretty specific about the symptoms and when they occur.15 years 2 weeks ago1646
I went to the emergency room at our local hospital over the weekend for severe, severe neck pain. They did an exam, gave me some pain medication, and sent me home without so much as taking a single X-ray. Does this seem right to you?10 years 44 weeks ago1566
I went with Mother to her surgery appointment this morning. The surgeon said her neck was unstable and she has myelopathy. That's why they would have to do a fusion. Just exactly what does unstable mean? Is she in any danger with this problem? We just thought she had some neck arthritis and that's why her neck hurts so much.9 years 34 weeks ago1824
I work as a telemarketer on two four-hour shifts each day. I notice when my neck starts bothering me, I'm much slower and can't concentrate as well. Could this be from a whiplash injury I had in a car accident last year?12 years 3 days ago1398
I work as an EMT on an ambulance service. My sister is a nurse in an emergency department. We both see patients involved in motor vehicle accidents who end up with a chronic neck problem from whiplash. She thinks it's because the patients are told to expect that when they are discharged from the hospital. I think it's the ones who are hysterical and over anxious from the start. Does anyone really know?10 years 8 weeks ago2061
I work at a desk all day and get muscle pain and spasms along the top of my shoulders. What can I do to help with this problem?10 years 29 weeks ago1576

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