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I drive a forklift, and my neck is really getting sore from always turning my neck to see behind me. What can I do to keep my neck pain from getting worse?17 years 47 weeks ago3071
I'm scheduled for spine fusion in the vertebrae in my neck. Will I be able to turn my neck after surgery?17 years 47 weeks ago1940
My arm hurts, but my doctor says the problem is in my neck. How can that be?17 years 39 weeks ago1993
I have pain in my upper arm. Why does my therapist do ultrasound treatments on my neck?17 years 39 weeks ago2156
My 12-year-old daughter injured her neck in gymnastics, and there's a big competition coming up. Our doctor says it's okay for her to participate, but I'm worried. Should I let her compete?17 years 28 weeks ago1907
I had a serious neck injury skiing last winter. I quit the ski team, but is it okay to do other sports?17 years 28 weeks ago1841
I had a neck injury playing football, and I'm trying to decide whether to go back and finish the season. I asked two different doctors what I should do, and they told me different things. Why is that? Who should I trust?17 years 28 weeks ago1904
I was in a minor rear-end collision a month ago and have been having headaches ever since. Could the headaches be related to my accident?17 years 24 weeks ago2068
I have whiplash from a minor rear-end car collision. How long will the symptoms last?17 years 24 weeks ago2645
Does the speed of your car at the time of an accident make a difference in how bad your whiplash will be?17 years 24 weeks ago3054
I am a professional singer who has to have neck surgery. The doctor wants to go in through the front of my neck to join the bones in my spine. Will I lose my voice?17 years 12 weeks ago2017
I've heard that surgery to fuse the spine done through the front of the neck can make patients lose their voices. Does it matter which side of the neck the surgeon operates on?17 years 12 weeks ago1696
What's the best way to predict whether patients will get good results from neck surgery to relieve pressure on the spinal cord?17 years 12 weeks ago1835
My 70-year-old mother is having surgery to take pressure off the spinal cord in her neck. Does her age put her at a disadvantage?17 years 12 weeks ago1910
I had surgery through the front of my neck to fuse bones in my spine, and now I have to have the same procedure again. Am I more at risk for complications the second time around?17 years 12 weeks ago1983
I am having surgery to take pressure off of the spinal cord in my neck. My doctor says the results of my MRI can be used to predict how I will do after surgery. Is this really possible?17 years 12 weeks ago1907
I had a cervical fusion many years ago. I'm eighty-two years old now, and I don't want surgery again. How can I take care of the pain in my neck without having another operation?17 years 3 weeks ago1901
Does the success rate for neck fusion surgery change depending on whether two or three levels in the neck are operated on?17 years 3 weeks ago5604
My surgeon says he's going to implant a piece of titanium in my neck when he operates. Is this usual?17 years 3 weeks ago1713
I've heard that some of the devices implanted during neck surgery can break or malfunction. Are there any new types of implants out there with better results?17 years 3 weeks ago1803
My doctor has mentioned attaching a metal plate and screws in my neck when I have my upcoming neck fusion surgery. He used the term "instrumentation" to describe the surgery. What is instrumentation?17 years 3 weeks ago1898
I had a discectomy and fusion at C5 and C6 two years ago. I did well for about two years. Now I'm having more pain and problems with my neck. My doctor just did some tests, and apparently there is a bulge in the disc at C6 and C7. What should I do?17 years 3 weeks ago3611
After losing strength in her left arm and having pain that keeps her up at night, my wife had an MRI of her neck. The doctor says she has a herniation of the discs between C5 and C6 and wants to operate. Are there options other than surgery?17 years 3 weeks ago5457
When it comes to neck fusion surgery, do men and women have different results?17 years 3 weeks ago1708
I have a herniated disc in my neck. Why does my surgeon want to operate on more than one location in my neck? Isn't the sore disc just in one place?17 years 3 weeks ago1959
Is conservative treatment enough for patients who have pressure on their spinal cords from a ruptured disc in their necks?16 years 49 weeks ago1576
I have some problems from a ruptured disc in my neck that's putting mild pressure on my spinal cord. My doctor said I may need surgery but that I could just wear a neck brace instead. Am I better off deciding to have surgery right away?16 years 49 weeks ago1963
My MRI showed I have a ruptured disc in my neck that is putting mild pressure on the spinal cord. My doctor feels my symptoms aren't too bad and that we can fix them without surgery. Is there any way to tell whether treatment without surgery will work for me?16 years 49 weeks ago1874
A lot of my employees complain of neck pain. I've done everything I can to make the office more "ergonomic." Is there something else I should do?16 years 45 weeks ago3323
I know that certain physical activities can cause neck pain in the workplace. But what about other, less visible factors? Does the "personality" of the office make a difference?16 years 45 weeks ago1773

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