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I've had neck and arm pain constantly for three years now. Ever since my car accident, I just can't seem to get back to normal. My doctor has suggested surgery to fuse the spine. MRIs show a significant disc bulge pressing against the spinal cord causing my symptoms. How can I know for sure this kind of operation will help?11 years 31 weeks ago1272
Is it true that men lose neck motion faster than women as we age?12 years 49 weeks ago1283
My niece was just diagnosed with a problem called chiari malformation. Is this something I should have my children tested for?11 years 40 weeks ago1286
My doctor has suggested I undergo anterior cervical discectomy and fusion for spondylosis. He has offered surgery without the use of hardware, or with the use of a plate for hardware. Does it make a difference?10 years 35 weeks ago1287
I've heard that worker’s compensation patients are less likely to return to work after low back surgery. Is this true for neck surgery, too?13 years 42 weeks ago1290
I've heard it's possible to have many different types of operations on an outpatient basis. Are they doing spinal fusions this way yet?13 years 13 weeks ago1292
Several years ago I was told I have fibromyalgia. Recently I started having headaches and neck pain. The neck pain is worse when I bend my head forward. Is this just part of the fibromyalgia condition?14 years 41 weeks ago1293
Twenty years ago, I had a car accident that caused a severe whiplash. I eventually got over it. Last month, I had another accident with another whiplash injury. This time it's called a whiplash associated disorder. What's the difference? Just new names for the same-old/same-old?10 years 44 weeks ago1293
My wife had an anterior cervical spine fusion with removal of the bone and insertion of a titanium cage in its place. She woke up from the operation unable to speak above a whisper. How long does this last?13 years 44 weeks ago1294
My husband is going to have a disc removed from his neck and one from his low back. Is that all there is to this operation? What keeps the bones in place without the disc?14 years 6 days ago1294
Six months ago I had an operation to take pressure off a nerve that goes to the back of my head. I still have a place on the back of my scalp that is completely numb. Will this go away in time?14 years 41 weeks ago1294
My father had neck fusion surgery four days ago. We had just gotten him settled at home when he had a bad episode of neck swelling and had to be rehospitalized this morning. They did warn us that problems could occur but we never imagined it would really happen. What will they do now?12 years 5 weeks ago1296
Now that the disc replacement has been around for awhile, what are they saying about neck fusion versus disc replacement? I've been putting this decision off waiting to see what happens. Is it safe to go for the replacement?11 years 32 weeks ago1296
It's been six months since I had a motorcycle accident in which I hurt my neck. I still have pain everyday. I barely make it to work and back. I have no life but to survive. Without health insurance, I'm stuck. What do other people do for their neck pain?10 years 44 weeks ago1297
What is a corpectomy? My mother tells me her surgeon has suggested this operation for her neck pain.12 years 4 weeks ago1300
My niece just called to tell me she has two congenital problems. The first is a Chiari malformation at the base of her brain. The second is a connective tissue disorder. What are the chances that one person could have both of these problems?11 years 7 weeks ago1301
It seems like we are seeing more and more diving accidents from kids while swimming. Is this a national trend?12 years 43 weeks ago1303
My uncle who is diabetic, a smoker, and in poor health was told he has an abscess in his spine (neck). He's refusing to have it drained or to take the antibiotics prescribed. What could happen to him if he doesn't have treatment?12 years 10 weeks ago1303
Someone on my son's football team was suspended for spear-tackling him. fortunately he wasn't injured. What could have happened that's so dangerous?11 years 44 weeks ago1303
Two years ago, I fell off a roof while working for a construction company. At the time, I was living in a small town where they did emergency surgery to fuse my spine. I had a Hangman's fracture. Now I find out I could have had screws to hold it together while it healed. I would still have my neck motion. Can the surgery be undone and fixed right?11 years 5 weeks ago1303
My friend and I have a bet riding on this question. Which is worse: neck pain from whiplash or arthritic bone spurs? She has the whiplash and I have the bone spurs. We're both 63 years old.12 years 25 weeks ago1304
What is a concussion and how can you tell if you've had one?13 years 44 weeks ago1305
My sister had a car accident that has left her with chronic pain. She has become depressed and fearful of riding in the car or even moving her head and neck. This isn't like her at all. She's been told there's nothing else that can be done and she should see a shrink. Any suggestions?12 years 30 weeks ago1305
My mother has osteoporosis and is getting fractures in her back. Could she fracture her neck?11 years 23 weeks ago1305
The doctor says I have a condition called cervical spondylotic myelopathy. I'm thinking about having surgery to take pressure off the spinal cord in my neck. What kind of results can I expect down the road?13 years 31 weeks ago1307
I've had terrible neck and arm pain for years. My doctor has been encouraging me to consider surgery. The operation is to remove the disc and bone and fuse the spine. After I heard all the things that can go wrong, I'm not so sure I can't live with the pain. Would I really be better off after such a surgery?12 years 4 weeks ago1307
My insurance company is refusing to pay for further treatment of my whiplash injury. So far all I've received is a booklet on taking care of my neck, a special pillow, and some advice to keep moving. My neck pain and headaches are interfering with work. What else can I do?11 years 44 weeks ago1307
The letters to the editor in our newspaper are debating the use of seatbelts. I had an accident three years ago that I still haven't gotten over. I had my seatbelt on but I still got a severe whiplash. Is there any proven link between neck protection and seatbelt use?13 years 44 weeks ago1308
The doctor is advising me to have a cervical spine fusion with bone graft and titanium plates. Do I really need both?13 years 2 days ago1308
We have one family member who can be counted on to always have some ache or pain. Last night, we had a small fender bender while driving her home. I'm just sure she's going to end up with whiplash for the rest of her life. Is there anything we can do to keep this from happening?10 years 43 weeks ago1308

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