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A New Model for the Onset, Course, and Care of Neck Pain10 years 44 weeks ago2352
Overview of the Bone and Joint Decade Task Force Findings10 years 44 weeks ago2655
What to Expect When Recovering from a Whiplash-Associated Disorder10 years 44 weeks ago2312
Comparing Treatment Programs for Back Pain Based on Cost Savings10 years 44 weeks ago2008
Psychological Factors May Play Small Role in Chronic Whiplash Pain10 years 49 weeks ago1717
Age One Factor Associated with Decline in Cervical Range of Motion10 years 50 weeks ago2772
Trigger Point Injection with BOTOX10 years 51 weeks ago3085
Treatment for Whiplash With Botulinum-toxin A Appears Promising; More Study Needed11 years 4 days ago2212
Review of Cervical Laminaplasty11 years 4 days ago2219
Two-Year Results of Cervical Artificial Disc Versus Fusion11 years 1 week ago2730
Endoscopic Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF)11 years 2 weeks ago4086
Effect of Repairing Versus Preserving Muscles During Laminoplasty11 years 3 weeks ago2139
Fixation Rather Than Fusion of Hangman's Fracture Now Possible11 years 5 weeks ago4968
Crowned Dens Syndrome More Common than Previously Thought, Say Researchers11 years 5 weeks ago11841
Improving Anterior Cervical Fusion Rates with Locking Plates11 years 6 weeks ago3047
Predicting Treatment Results for Cervical Radiculopathy11 years 6 weeks ago1960
Normal, Fused, and Disc Replacement Cervical Spine11 years 7 weeks ago2436
New Link Between Chiari Malformation and Connective Tissue Disorders11 years 7 weeks ago6883
Plate Thickness as a Cause of Dysphasia11 years 7 weeks ago2368
Biodex Isokinetic Dynamometer Demonstrates Lower Neck Muscle Strength in Women11 years 9 weeks ago2070
Review of Chronic Whiplash11 years 10 weeks ago3420
Awareness of Potential Complications with Anterior Cervical Discectomy Allows for Successful Management11 years 10 weeks ago5073
Study on Reducing Neck and Arm Pain in Computer Workers11 years 10 weeks ago1881
Supervised Exercise Therapy for Neck Pain May Help Pain, Range of Motion11 years 11 weeks ago1886
How Safe Is Chiropractic Manipulation of the Neck?11 years 11 weeks ago2497
Effect of Foramen Magnum Decompression on Neck Motion11 years 11 weeks ago2974
Microinjuries During Cervical Spine Fusion11 years 12 weeks ago2179
Predicting Results of Physical Therapy Treatment For Neck Pain11 years 13 weeks ago1704
Need for More Research on Chronic Whiplash11 years 14 weeks ago1701
Improving Results of Cervical Epidural Injections11 years 15 weeks ago2226

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