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Results of ProDisc-C Disc Replacement after One-Year11 years 16 weeks ago2726
First Five Cases of Human-to-Human Disc Transplantation11 years 16 weeks ago1718
Khan Kinetic Treatment Lowers Self-Reported Neck Pain, but No Functional Differences Found11 years 18 weeks ago6757
Review of Treatment for Cervical Radiculopathy11 years 19 weeks ago2086
Problems Swallowing and Talking After Cervical Decompression11 years 20 weeks ago2102
MRI Results Predict Surgical Outcome for Cervical Myelopathy11 years 22 weeks ago2115
Anterior Cervical Microdiscectomy Appears Effective in Treating Certain Cervical Disc Injuries11 years 23 weeks ago2844
Prevalence of Memory, Concentration, and Attention Problems After Whiplash Not Predicted Through Testing11 years 30 weeks ago2536
Stop Movement in Cervical Spine to Prevent Further Neurologic Symptoms11 years 31 weeks ago1707
Tests to Use When Measuring Treatment Results with Chronic Whiplash Patients11 years 32 weeks ago1590
Posterior Neck Muscles Take Burden of Rear-End Impact Resulting in Whiplash11 years 37 weeks ago1681
No Correlation Found Between Magnitude of Injury and Incidence of Whiplash11 years 38 weeks ago1674
Measuring Recovery After Whiplash11 years 41 weeks ago2142
Pain and Disability Measures for Whiplash11 years 42 weeks ago1732
Report of Adverse Effects from Using rh-BMP-2 in Neck Fusion11 years 43 weeks ago2235
Exercise Helps Pain from Chronic Whiplash11 years 44 weeks ago1692
Review of Rare Cervical Spine Tumors11 years 44 weeks ago2391
Cervical Spine Outcomes Questionnaire11 years 44 weeks ago3429
Age and Cervical Myelopathy Are Risk Factors for Problems After Surgery11 years 46 weeks ago2053
Alternative Graft Site for Cervical Spine Fusion11 years 46 weeks ago2071
Best Way to Treat Osteoblastoma of the Cervical Spine11 years 46 weeks ago2205
A Rare Case of Dropped Head Syndrome11 years 47 weeks ago2447
Effects of Acupuncture on Neck Pain11 years 47 weeks ago1721
Neck Pain Common Reason for Doctor Visits11 years 49 weeks ago1682
Whiplash Recovery Faster with Individual Care11 years 49 weeks ago1777
Ossification Is Not a Problem After Disc Replacement11 years 50 weeks ago1637
A Case of Longus Colli Muscle Tendinitis11 years 51 weeks ago2827
Low Rate of Same- and Adjacent-Segment Disease After Cervical Foraminotomy11 years 51 weeks ago2054
Pain Interrupts Attention and Activities12 years 3 days ago1763
Update on Surgery for Cervical Flexion in Ankylosing Spondylitis12 years 3 days ago1749

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