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Is it true that an implant for pain control requires surgery every year to replace the battery? I don't want to get into that! Isn't it possible in today's advanced technologic world to somehow recharge the batteries and avoid unnecessary surgery?9 years 26 weeks ago2234
My physical therapist says I have buttock pain from piriformis syndrome. My doctor says there's no such thing. Which is it?9 years 26 weeks ago5674
Somehow I developed a pain in the butt they call piriformis syndrome. I can't figure out how I got it. How do other people get this problem?9 years 26 weeks ago1775
I've been told that in California, they have the latest and best ways to do spinal fusions. I heard there's only a tiny incision and I can go home in a day or two. I live in Washington state but would be willing to travel there if that's true. What can you tell me about this new operation?9 years 27 weeks ago1776
I saw a short videotape at the surgeon's office about spinal fusion using a tiny incision from the side of the person. The idea is to avoid cutting into the back muscles to get to the bones of the spine. Can you tell me how this method compares to the regular way of doing the surgery?9 years 27 weeks ago1751
I am a piano teacher with scoliosis. I sit for long hours each day. By the end of the day, I am more twisted than ever and suffer a lot of pain. I don't want major surgery with long rods to hold my spine straight. But I was looking through the magazines in the orthopedic surgeon's office. I saw a little metal plunger unit that is supposed to hold two of the spine bones together without doing a fusion procedure. Could they use something like this for me?9 years 27 weeks ago2132
I'm very excited because my doctor showed me a device called an X-stop that could help my mother. She has spinal stenosis so bad, she is always bent forward and can no longer stand up straight because of intense pain. Are these safe for 80-year-old women?9 years 27 weeks ago1645
I have several lumbar discs that are causing me problems. Eventually they will have to come out or I'll need a spinal fusion. I'm anxious for the new central disc replacements to be perfected. That way, maybe I can escape the bad results my father had with his fusion operation. The surgeon told me this isn't really ready for general use -- too many complications. What kind of problems are they encountering?9 years 27 weeks ago1699
After I had a disc replacement in my lumbar spine, I found out they are making replacements just for the inner portion of the disc. That's probably what I really needed. How far are we from having that technology ready?9 years 27 weeks ago4356
My surgeon tells me she is going to use a minimally invasive way to do my spinal fusion. I get the idea that I'll have a smaller incision. But if they can do these operations now with a smaller incision, why didn't they do so years ago?9 years 27 weeks ago1812
I'm very excited that when I have the disc removed in my low back next week, there will be the tiniest scar. I can even have the area tattooed to cover it up. The surgeon was very clear that this is a better way to do things. Why isn't everyone doing surgery this way?9 years 27 weeks ago1613
My brother had a disc replacement in his neck about a year ago. I understand this is a fairly new operation. He doesn't really seem to have much motion even after surgery. He looks stiff and unnatural in his movements. Should I say something to him? Maybe there's something they can do to help him. I don't want to make him self-conscious by saying anything.9 years 27 weeks ago1815
My best friend had a disc replacement in her neck and she hasn't stopped raving about all the things she can do now that she couldn't do before. She is just sure that I should have the same thing done for my neck arthritis. Can anyone have this operation?9 years 27 weeks ago2236
My cousin emailed me and suggested I try homeopathic treatment for my back pain. I figure I've tried everything else, why not? Is there any evidence that these remedies actually work? Or is it all the placebo effect?9 years 28 weeks ago1506
I read my doctor's report on me and it said clinical diagnosis of cervical myelopathy. Order MRI to make the differential diagnosis. Can you please interpret this for me?9 years 28 weeks ago2192
I'm having a tussle with my insurance company. They only pay for 12 physical therapy visits per episode of back pain. I'm on my third bout with back pain. But I maintain these are three separate problems -- not a continuation of the same problem. The insurance adjustor says it's just a recurrence of the original episode of back pain. How can I get them to see this as separate problems?9 years 28 weeks ago1498
When I had cancer, they talked about being cured and remission. This year, I've had a series of episodes with back pain that's not related to my past history of cancer. But I never hear the doctor say anything about remission or cure. Is there such a thing with back pain?9 years 28 weeks ago1849
How is it possible to have pressure on my spinal cord but not have any signs that there's a problem? I had an MRI for another problem and they found significant cord compression in my neck. But I don't have any pain or neurologic problems so far.9 years 28 weeks ago1965
I notice when I use a good pair of shoe insoles off-the-shelf that my back pain goes away. What's the connection here? Maybe I have a foot problem. Should I see a podiatrist?9 years 28 weeks ago1844
My chiropractor told me I have a half-inch leg length difference that could explain why I have so much back pain. He suggested I put an insole inside my shoe to make up the difference. Is there a certain kind of insole that works better than others for this problem?9 years 28 weeks ago2626
I had a steroid injection into my sacroiliac joint and the pain went away in two days. What a relief. But it only lasted three months. So I had a second injection but got no pain relief at all. What happened? Should I try for a third?9 years 29 weeks ago2028
Have you ever heard of an oblique corpectomy? What is it and how does it help with neck pain?9 years 29 weeks ago1964
What does seronegative mean? The doctor tells me I have a sacroiliac joint problem that is seronegative.9 years 29 weeks ago6170
My best friend is someone who makes a mountain out of every molehill. Every situation becomes a major catastrophe. These days it’s how she can't do anything because she has a whiplash injury. That car accident was months ago. How can I help her move on and get back to regular life?9 years 29 weeks ago1903
I went with Mother to her surgery appointment this morning. The surgeon said her neck was unstable and she has myelopathy. That's why they would have to do a fusion. Just exactly what does unstable mean? Is she in any danger with this problem? We just thought she had some neck arthritis and that's why her neck hurts so much.9 years 29 weeks ago1806
I had a car accident in which I was rear-ended. The driver's insurance company is trying to get out of paying for my medical bills because I wasn't wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. Is it possible I could have developed this chronic pain condition after the accident even if I had been wearing a seatbelt?9 years 29 weeks ago1825
I'm going to have a spinal fusion with BMP instead of using my own bone for the graft. Are there any side effects from these bone graft substitutes?9 years 29 weeks ago1729
I'm probably an unusual patient because I'm going to say that I think my chronic back pain is stress-induced. I don't seem to have much in the way of reserve or coping skills. How do I go about checking to see if this is true and what to do about it?9 years 29 weeks ago1605
Five years ago I had severe back pain from a disc problem that was diagnosed with a test called discography. I just went back to the surgeon for a new back problem. When I asked about having that same test they told me, "Oh we don't use that test anymore." What's wrong with that test?9 years 29 weeks ago1796
I went to a specialist in pain therapy for my chronic low back pain. I must have filled out 10 forms with questions about everything from soup to nuts. Then the guy asked me another 30 minutes worth of questions. In the end, I didn't see that I was any better than when I started. Are they just letting the clock go to run up the bill?9 years 29 weeks ago1556

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