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My 77-year-old father is in pretty good shape all things considered. But he's had terrible back and leg pain and leg cramps for months now from spinal stenosis. He agreed to have surgery to take pressure off the nerves but it didn't seem to help him. He can walk a little further but he still says his pain is pretty debilitating. And he still has leg cramps at night. Why didn't he get better?9 years 48 weeks ago1868
This is my first year as a parent volunteer with a private high school football team. I played football in high school and college but I'm not a trained coach or athletic trainer. A couple of our kids got a stinger in the game last week. The symptoms seem to be lingering. How do we know when it's safe to let them play again?9 years 48 weeks ago2082
Our high school son has had two stingers playing football this past season. The coach assures us that everyone playing football gets these from time to time. Should we be worried?9 years 48 weeks ago2006
What can you tell me about giant cell tumors? My best friend found out her back and buttock pain is really coming from a giant cell tumor of the sacrum, not a disc like she thought. They say it's benign. Is it really?9 years 49 weeks ago2013
I had surgery for a herniated disc at L45. I wasn't going to do it, but my foot started going weird on me. I couldn't pick it up all the way without pulling up on my pants leg. Well, it's been eight weeks and I still have the foot problem. Why didn't the surgeon tell me this could happen?9 years 49 weeks ago3246
Our PopPop is 72-years old and started to limp last week. Before we knew it, he wasn't able to lift his foot anymore. Now he walks with a distinctive slap of the foot. Is it possible he had a stroke? He won't let us take him to the doctor, so we don't know what's going on for sure.9 years 49 weeks ago3048
My sister's husband was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the sacrum. They are actually going to remove half of the bone in order to get the entire tumor. Nobody has brought it up, but we can't help but wonder: will he be able to walk again?9 years 49 weeks ago2587
I've been diagnosed with piriformis syndrome. I understand there isn't a good way to know for sure if that's what I really have (no tests outside of my symptoms). I also know if physical therapy doesn't help that I might be able to have an injection. What does the injection do and what are the side effects?9 years 50 weeks ago2465
Mother had a steroid injection for back pain that was coming from spinal stenosis. She got a lot of pain relief. I have a herniated disc and back pain from that. Would an injection like that help me?9 years 50 weeks ago1473
I've been going to classes at a pain clinic to help me deal with chronic pain from surgery I had years ago. After listening to all the lectures, I'm wondering if maybe what I really need is something like a novacaine injection to the sciatic nerve. Someone else in the class had that and it worked great. Would it work for me?9 years 50 weeks ago1762
I've been getting massages for six months now for chronic neck pain after a car accident. They seem to help, but since I don't have another me to clone (one who doesn't go for massage therapy), I have no idea how I would feel without the massages. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just fooling myself. Is there any evidence that massage really makes a difference?9 years 50 weeks ago2225
I had two epidural steroid injections for back pain with no effect whatsoever. Should I even bother considering a third? Some say the third time's the charm.9 years 50 weeks ago2378
I went on-line to find out what kind of treatments are available for degenerative disc disease (that's what I have). There was some discussion in a couple of chat rooms and on various blogs about motion-sparing technology. What is that?9 years 51 weeks ago1626
What is a black disc? My neighbor says he had an MRI and that's what they found. He's only 30-years-old, so I'm wondering if this is something we all have.9 years 51 weeks ago1789
Do you think there's any benefit to doing core training over just a regular walking program for back pain? I keep hearing people talk about one or the other but I've never heard which one is better.9 years 51 weeks ago1690
I went to a physical therapist last year who specialized in sport injuries, especially the shoulder. Now I've had some ongoing back pain that just isn't going away. Would this same therapist be able to treat me? Or do I need to find someone who specializes in back pain?9 years 51 weeks ago1477
I am a nursing supervisor just transferring from a medical-surgical ward to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). On the med med-surg ward, preventing back injuries was a big focus. Even though the patients are smaller on the NICU ward, I'd like to implement ways to help the nurses prevent episodes of back pain. What kind of steps should I take?10 years 6 days ago1609
My husband has chronic low back pain. His doctor just started him on some narcotic medications. I'm concerned about him driving but he still insists he's fine. What are the recommendations for patients taking these drugs?10 years 6 days ago1512
I can't believe how many employees I've lost over the last year due to whiplash injuries from nonwork-related car accidents. Just looking at how many are now receiving disability pensions, I'd say it's a lot cheaper to take time off from work up front and get help before this becomes a serious problem. Am I right? Or maybe it doesn't matter -- if it's gonna happen, there's nothing stopping it. What do you think?10 years 6 days ago1895
I am disabled and my wife is the main bread winner. I'm worried because she had a car accident about three months ago and she still doesn't seem back to normal. We can't afford for her to lose her job. I'm hoping the fact that her job doesn't require a lot of thought will hide the fact that she just isn't thinking right. Will she recover with a little more time?10 years 6 days ago1823
We are the new owners of a microbrewery with about 50 employees. At least half of these workers are involved in lifting, hauling, and carrying moderately heavy barrels, kegs, and boxes. What can we do right from the start to keep our employees safe from back injuries?10 years 6 days ago1852
I have spinal stenosis that mostly affects my neck. The doctor says it's just another sign of aging. But what exactly is going on back there? He mentioned degeneration. What's breaking down?10 years 2 weeks ago2112
I was having some numbness in my fingers and dropping things. So I went to see my doctor who diagnosed me with cervical OPLL. Right now, it's mild. But I'm worried it might get worse. Should I have surgery to nip the problem in the bud, so-to-speak?10 years 2 weeks ago2216
My brother had a car accident and broke his nose from the air bag hitting him in the face. I'd like to have the air bags in my car disabled. How do I go about having this done?10 years 2 weeks ago2259
Mother hurt her back helping Dad lift a table that was too heavy for the both of them. Her physical therapist tells her she has to keep moving. But she can hardly get up out of a chair because of the pain. What can we do to help her with this?10 years 3 weeks ago1625
Dad called and said he has back pain that is now going down his leg. He says it's sciatica? How do they know for sure what's causing the leg pain?10 years 3 weeks ago1732
I went with my sister to the hospital after we had a bad car accident together. I don't know why, but it was clear to me that she wasn't telling everything she knew. For instance, they asked if she had ever been treated for neck or back pain before. She said no even though I know she is currently seeing a chiropractor and a physical therapist. Why don't people tell the truth about these things?10 years 3 weeks ago1930
I was very relieved to wake up after a neck fusion without any hoarseness or loss of voice. They warned me many times that this could happen. I guess I'm wondering how I lucked out?10 years 3 weeks ago1901
I am a newly graduated nurse now working in a large trauma center. The social workers tell me not to believe what patients say during the intake interview. They say that when it comes to car accidents, if it wasn't the patient's fault, they will report much higher pain levels and deny a previous history of neck or back pain. Is there any truth to this that you know of?10 years 3 weeks ago1830
My sister had a neck fusion and now tells me she has weakness and a heavy sensation in her arms. They call the problem myelopathy. Will this ever go away for her?10 years 3 weeks ago1836

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