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Have you heard of degenerative disc disease in a college athlete? That's what's happened to our son. Does this happen very often?10 years 4 weeks ago2734
I was recently diagnosed with a condition called spondylolisthesis. Fortunately, the orthopedic surgeon I went to ordered CT scans. Otherwise the cause of my back pain might never have been figured out. The X-rays I had taken didn't show anything. Does that happen very often?10 years 4 weeks ago1676
I'm 55-years old, postmenopausal, and now discovered I have something called degenerative spondylolisthesis. What is this and what causes it?10 years 4 weeks ago2040
I'm seeing a physical therapist for neck pain that just started about two weeks ago. She's been doing some heat and electrical stimulation. But now she wants to add a manipulation procedure to the middle of my back. She says it works well and there's evidence in recent studies to support her experience. Does this sound like a good idea? I don't really want my back popped.10 years 4 weeks ago3478
I've been getting joint manipulation for a neck problem that developed after I slept in the wrong position for too long. Sometimes it seems like it's helping. Other times I feel better for a few days and then it goes right back out again. What do you recommend for patients like me?10 years 4 weeks ago1914
My grandmother had a compression in her neck that her doctor said was myelopathy. Why did it affect both her hands and her legs at the same time?10 years 4 weeks ago3481
If cervical myelopathy is caused by pressure on the neck, won't it come back after surgery as the spine continues to break down?10 years 4 weeks ago2108
My mother's doctor wants her to wear a brace after her neck surgery but she's only worn it for a couple of weeks and has since taken it off. I'm furious with her because she's going to cause problems, isn't she?10 years 4 weeks ago2181
Do collars, the big soft ones, really help keep you from moving your head? I had one for a sore neck and I seemed to be able to turn my neck from side to side more than a bit, so I was wondering if it was any good.10 years 4 weeks ago2804
My husband is supposed to have back surgery to remove a slipped disc. He's afraid because he heard of several people who just had the same problem again. What can I tell him?10 years 4 weeks ago1630
I don't get it. I'm active, I'm healthy. I do everything right for my health but the other day, I hurt my back and the doctor said I herniated a disc. I'm only 28. How did that happen?10 years 4 weeks ago1710
How do doctors know where in the spine to put an injection if they are going to inject something to relieve back pain?10 years 4 weeks ago1884
My doctor offers injections in the back for back pain but my buddy's doctor doesn't. His doctor says they don't work any better than fake injections. Which doctor do we believe?10 years 4 weeks ago1572
When I brought my elderly mother to the doctor because of her back pain, he insisted on checking her hips and behind the joints. What on earth was he doing? She was there because her back hurt.10 years 4 weeks ago1546
If lower back pain is so common, why do doctors not know how to treat it?10 years 5 weeks ago1658
Why do doctors tell you to exercise if your lower back hurts?10 years 5 weeks ago1796
Our 22-year old son was just diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. We've been told this runs in families. Should everyone else be tested? What's the next step?10 years 6 weeks ago2238
I've had back and sacroiliac joint pain off and on for the last six months. The doctors finally diagnosed it as ankylosing spondylitis. They want to do MRIs to see what's going on in the low back area. What do MRIs show that you can't see on an X-ray?10 years 6 weeks ago1999
I have a bad back and have had it for several years. My doctor asked me if I wanted to take part in a study that looked at exercise to help improve the back. I backed out because every time I went for an exam, I had to spend a long time filling out forms, questionnaires and answering questions that were constantly repeated. After all, how many times can I say that my back hurts and it hurts all the time? What is the purpose of all these questions?10 years 6 weeks ago1617
How many vertebrae are in the spine?10 years 6 weeks ago3149
You hear a lot about people hurting their upper back and their lower back. How come we don't hear as much about the middle part of the back?10 years 6 weeks ago2161
I am a physical therapist in an outpatient setting (a spine clinic). I went to a series of physical therapy meetings where they talked about using the ICF model now instead of the Nagi model. I am only familiar with the old model. How does this new model work with the kind of patients I see everyday?10 years 6 weeks ago2167
I am an old-timer in the health care field. I keep hearing about the new ICF model for treating patients. At first, I didn't pay much attention, but now it seems like it's in every journal I read. What can you tell me about it?10 years 6 weeks ago1699
Despite hundreds of dollars in medical tests, they still don't know what's wrong with my low back. The X-rays show signs of moderate osteoarthritis in the lumbar spine. But the doc doesn't think that's what's causing the problem. I'm really frustrated. What do you recommend?10 years 6 weeks ago1639
My husband hurt his back a while ago. The doctor assured us it would resolve itself in a couple of weeks. Well it didn't, and now he's depressed and withdrawn, losing sleep, and may lose his job over it. What do we do now?10 years 6 weeks ago1587
My elderly parents live 1,000 miles away from us. Mom called and said that Dad has a compression fracture at L3. The doctor is advising a wait-and-see approach. We've done some Internet research and think that Dad should have a vertebroplasty. Why hasn't this already been suggested to my parents? When I asked them, they had never heard of it before.10 years 6 weeks ago3726
My aging aunt lives with us. At 92, she's still pretty spry. But last week, she couldn't get out of bed because of back pain. The doctor says she has a compression fracture of the spine. They said this can happen just turning over in bed. But Aunt Millie is really very strong. Is it possible she did something to cause this? Maybe a fall that she doesn't want us to know about?10 years 6 weeks ago2614
I'm totally freaked out. My whole family has chronic back pain. Up until now, I've been the only one without it -- and I want to keep it that way. But last night, I was shoveling snow and felt my back go out on me. Am I doomed to be like the rest of my family members who can't do anything fun because their backs always hurt (or might hurt)?10 years 6 weeks ago1614
My father is 88-years-old but in relatively good health. He went out motorcycle riding with our 20-year-old grandson. Through no fault of their own, they had an accident. Pops ended up with a fracture of the odontoid process in his neck. I saw an X-ray of the fracture, but it all went by so fast. Could you tell us again what this means and how it will affect him?10 years 6 weeks ago2471
Can you help us navigate all the decisions facing us? Mother fell and broke a piece off the second bone in her neck. One surgeon told us she should have surgery to fuse her neck right away. A second surgeon said we could try using a brace and see if the fracture site can be stabilized. Bracing would be less traumatic, but can she get around okay? We don't know what to do.10 years 6 weeks ago3015

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