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I had to have a CT scan done on my abdomen to look for an aneurysm. Fortunately, there was nothing there. But they did find some severe arthritis in the low back area. I don't have any pain or symptoms that I'm aware of. Why not?10 years 2 weeks ago1763
My aging father had a car accident (his fault) and suffered a burst fracture at the L1 vertebra. The doctors say he won't need surgery -- just a few weeks on bedrest, then a brace, and rehab to recover strength and mobility. Does this sound like the right plan to you? Why wouldn't they do surgery if the bone is fractured?10 years 2 weeks ago1507
I'm sending you this question on behalf of my mom who is laid up in bed with a burst fracture of her spine. She can't sit up and use her laptop, so I'm typing her question. How long does it take to heal from this type of injury?10 years 2 weeks ago1956
I was coming along fine in my physical therapy program for back pain. Then a new therapist saw me and added a program called graded exposure. He wanted me to start doing things that I'm afraid will increase my pain. Sure enough, I got much worse again. My regular therapist thinks there's some value in trying this new approach. Is she just covering for this other guy? I don't want to seem uncooperative, but I don't want to get worse either.10 years 2 weeks ago1533
I hurt my back in a horse back riding accident. Even though they say you should get right back on the horse, I ended up in the emergency room and never had a chance to do it. Now, I can hardly bend or twist without pain -- there's no way I can get back on my horse. Will this eventually get better? I hope so (and sooner than later before I lose my courage all together).10 years 2 weeks ago1478
I had an injection into my sacroiliac joint that seemed to help but the effects didn't last. Should I try it again?10 years 2 weeks ago1941
I went to a pain clinic yesterday for the first time. I've been having months and months of sacroiliac joint pain that hasn't responded to anything I've tried. The doctor wants me to take an antidepressant. She says it's not because I'm depressed, but because it might help as a nerve moderator. I don't want to take drugs. Are there any other choices?10 years 2 weeks ago1548
Why are there so many names for disc injuries in the back? I've heard the terms herniated disc, slipped disc, and bulging disc - but they all mean the same thing, right?10 years 2 weeks ago3476
My mother has a herniated disc in her lower back. Her doctor said surgery is up to her. He wants her to have it, but she's pretty sure that if she tries hard at physio and stuff, she'll manage. How should she decide what to do?10 years 2 weeks ago1514
I have to have back surgery, but I'm afraid about how long it will take to recover from it. Should I have it?10 years 2 weeks ago2011
With so many different types of approaches to spinal surgery, how do doctors know which one is best for which patients?10 years 2 weeks ago1981
I just learned of butterfly vertebrae and I was wondering how this happens.10 years 2 weeks ago2170
If an abnormality in your body doesn't cause any problems, why spend time diagnosing it? Or even researching it? My brother had to have a back x-ray for a problem and his doctor told him that he had butterfly vertebrae but that's not causing the pain. So?10 years 2 weeks ago1879
Back in the 1970s, I hurt my back and the doctor sent me to back school. It was a series of eight or 10 sessions with a physical therapist who taught me proper posture, good work and sleep habits. She gave me lots of information, help, and support. Now my son has hurt his back. When I suggested he find a back school program, he said they don't exist anymore. Is that true?10 years 3 weeks ago1961
I usually operate under the good enough theory. If I can find the information I need on the Internet, it's good enough. But with my ongoing back pain and problems, this hasn't worked. I've read everything I can find, I've tried all the exercises, I'm just not getting better. What do you recommend?10 years 3 weeks ago1623
I my first car accident -- I was hit from the side by a driver who ran a stop sign. My car and my neck were totalled. It's been six weeks and my neck is painful and stiff, I have headaches and ringing in the ears, and I can't sleep laying down. How much longer will this go on? I'm usually up and on my feet after a few days, but this has knocked me flat.10 years 3 weeks ago2360
I rear-ended someone last month who is making a mountain out of a molehill. She is claiming she has a severe whiplash injury from the accident. I was only going five miles per hour when it happened. The insurance companies will duke it out. But I'm sure I'll be paying higher premiums for it. Is there any way to prove this lady doesn't really have such a severe problem as she says?10 years 3 weeks ago2208
What do you think about acupuncture for the treatment of low back pain?10 years 3 weeks ago1440
Is it okay to have acupuncture for back pain? I'm already seeing my chiropractor, but a friend told me how much he was helped by acupuncture so I thought I would try it.10 years 3 weeks ago1458
I was in a car accident (my fault) while out shopping with a friend. My friend tends to be a bit on the hysterical side normally. I felt terrible about the accident, but she hasn't quit complaining about the pain in her neck from the whiplash. I had a little stiffness and soreness for a day or two but that was all. Are these problems really just personality driven?10 years 3 weeks ago2995
I work as an EMT on an ambulance service. My sister is a nurse in an emergency department. We both see patients involved in motor vehicle accidents who end up with a chronic neck problem from whiplash. She thinks it's because the patients are told to expect that when they are discharged from the hospital. I think it's the ones who are hysterical and over anxious from the start. Does anyone really know?10 years 3 weeks ago2045
I've had pain in my low neck area for three months now. I'm thinking I need to so something, but what? Is there an exercise program I should be doing? What do you advise?10 years 3 weeks ago1701
I run a small chain of local hotels in the west. On any given day, there are always two or three desk clerks complaining of neck pain. Is there something about the job that's causing this? Or is it just that young people don't want to work so they call in sick with various aches and pains? I'm losing money over this issue.10 years 3 weeks ago1861
My company won't invest in an ergonomic chair but I'm afraid that if I don't get one, my back will start hurting after a while.10 years 3 weeks ago1843
I have a high stress job and my back has been killing me. Can you give me some tips to keep my back from getting sore when I'm at work? I sit at a desk most of the day.10 years 3 weeks ago1639
Every time I see a new doctor and I mention my back pain, he or she asks me about my lifestyle. I mean, I know that if I lift a lot of stuff, my back might hurt, but what has how much I sleep, smoke or drink have anything to do with it? Sometimes I'm even asked if I have diabetes.10 years 3 weeks ago2070
How come doctors can't tell the difference between a regular back ache and one that won't go away after a while?10 years 3 weeks ago1735
I had a cervical spine fusion at C45 six months ago. This morning I was in a hurry to get to work and ran smack dab into the garage door (it wasn't open all the way). I don't have a headache, but I'm scared to death that I undid the surgery. What should I do now?10 years 4 weeks ago2266
In preparation for a neck fusion, I watched a videotape of the procedure at the surgeon's office. I saw that they used titanium cages between the bones. Sometimes the patient got a special metal plate to hold the cage in place, but not always. I don't really think I want that much metal inside me. Do I get a choice?10 years 4 weeks ago1659
If whiplash causes pain in your neck from it being jerked forcefully, why does it affect the nerves in your arm?10 years 4 weeks ago1683

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