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I've always had excellent health and no back problems. Everyone else at work had back pain but not me. Now I've had some unexpected back pain myself. I'm freaked out that I won't get better. Is there any way to tell who will or won't get over it?never11875
My neighbor is 91 years old and planning to have a spinal fusion for chronic low back pain. They say the problem is just degeneration from age. Isn't 91 too old for this kind of surgery?never2379
I've had back pain for the past two years. I'm seeing a new doctor who wants to take more X-rays. These will be taken while I bend and extend my back. What does this show?never2122
Some of my co-workers use back support belts when they lift at work. Should I use one?17 years 43 weeks ago2716
My back started hurting last week. What exercises should I avoid?17 years 43 weeks ago19579
I have low back pain. If I just use a brace, will it go away?17 years 43 weeks ago2233
My back hurts when I lay down, and I can't get any sleep. Would a special mattress help me?17 years 43 weeks ago57374
I have back pain. Are there any symptoms I should watch out for that mean I should get medical help right away?17 years 42 weeks ago11611
I am having back problems. How will the doctor examine my spine?17 years 42 weeks ago42037
Are men and women equally at risk for developing low back pain?17 years 42 weeks ago2071
Can what I do at work affect my chances of having low back pain?17 years 42 weeks ago2180
Do doctors use lasers for spine surgery?17 years 42 weeks ago3525
My back is really hurting. Should I just stay in bed?17 years 42 weeks ago2250
I am almost 70, and I've gotten used to the arthritis pain in my right hip. But now I have pain that goes from my low back to my knee along the front of my thigh. What is the causing this pain?17 years 42 weeks ago2246
Why is good posture important for my back and neck?17 years 42 weeks ago1988
An X-ray showed a vertebra in my low back that is slipping forward. Will it keep slipping? Could it slip completely off the rest of my spine?17 years 42 weeks ago2131
I injured my lower back a few weeks ago. It still hurts, but my doctor wants me to go back to work. Shouldn't I wait until I don't have any more pain?17 years 42 weeks ago2472
I don't have any back problems, but almost everyone in my family does. What exercises can I do to keep my back healthy?17 years 42 weeks ago2006
I drive a forklift, and my neck is really getting sore from always turning my neck to see behind me. What can I do to keep my neck pain from getting worse?17 years 42 weeks ago3043
I feel like my low back pain is going to last forever. When will it go away?17 years 42 weeks ago2190
I have a desk job. How can I lower my chances of having back problems from sitting down all day?17 years 42 weeks ago2229
I have so much back pain. How do I get through my day?17 years 42 weeks ago2019
I know it's important to bend my knees when I lift heavy things. But I've had surgery on both of my knees, and they really hurt when they bend too far. How can I protect my knees and my back when I lift?17 years 42 weeks ago2044
I know it's supposed to be better to lift with bent legs. But it's easier and faster to keep my legs straight. Is lifting with straight legs really so bad?17 years 42 weeks ago1910
I started walking for exercise to help my long-term back problem. Lately I've started getting a burning pain in my legs after a few minutes of walking. It goes away if I rest. What is happening?17 years 42 weeks ago1851
I am an athlete. When can I get back to my sport after low back surgery?17 years 42 weeks ago1954
I am going to have spine fusion. Will I be able to walk right after surgery?17 years 42 weeks ago2027
I am going to have surgery for a bulging disc. My doctor wants to do a procedure called IDET. What is IDET?17 years 42 weeks ago2126
I'm recovering from my first episode of back pain, and I'm worried. I've heard that back pain always comes back. What can I do to try to prevent that?17 years 42 weeks ago2009
I'm resigned to living with back pain. How can I keep it from getting worse?17 years 42 weeks ago1961

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