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I have benefited from trigger point injections in the past. Is it worth having them repeated for my chronic low back pain?10 years 40 weeks ago1158
I'm going to have two levels of my lumbar spine fused with titanium rods and bone graft. Why are both needed? Wouldn't the rods be enough support?13 years 13 weeks ago1160
I've been having some trouble with back pain off and on over the last six months. Right now it's more on than off. My doctor tells me quitting smoking would help. Is it enough to cut back the number of cigarettes I smoke?14 years 28 weeks ago1160
Six months ago, I had a spinal cord stimulator put in my spine to control chronic and severe back pain. At first I got great relief. My pain went from a 10 down to a two or three. Now it's back up to a five. What happened?12 years 13 weeks ago1160
Other than pain in my back, what are some of the symptoms for a back injury and is there anything that would tell me I should be worried?11 years 34 weeks ago1160
I hurt my back on the job last week. The occupational physician at our worksite has encouraged me to keep working and stay active. My own family doctor advises rest and avoiding any movement or activities that make the pain worse. Now I don't know what to do. Which way should I go?11 years 8 weeks ago1160
My wife is going to have a lumbar spinal fusion with titanium mesh cages. Afterward, she will wear a brace. What’s the brace for and how long is this needed?13 years 27 weeks ago1161
I've just taken over the management of a garbage collection agency. There have been many back injuries on the job this year. What can I do to reduce this?13 years 17 weeks ago1161
I saw an ad for artificial disc replacement saying, "Natural motion is back." I've had chronic back pain for 10 years. Could something like this help me?13 years 17 weeks ago1161
My aging mother has severe back and leg pain from stenosis. She's tried drugs and exercise with no improvement. Can't they put her in the hospital and do something like traction? Maybe just getting off her feet and resting would do it.13 years 3 days ago1161
I live in a large city with several teaching hospitals around. I've been to several doctors in different clinics for my problem with back pain. Every one has a different idea of what to do. I can't help but wonder if I lived out west in a small, rural town, what kind of treatment would I get there?12 years 40 weeks ago1161
I went with my father to see the surgeon about his ongoing back pain. The doctor suggested putting cement in the spine to glue together a fracture in his low back area. The doctor said the glue could leak. Is that a bad problem?12 years 24 weeks ago1161
I just started going to a pain clinic for chronic low back pain. The first day I took a test called the Pain Self-Efficacy Questionnaire or PSEQ. What does this tell them about me?12 years 18 weeks ago1161
I've heard that disc replacements are possible now. What are my chances for getting one of these?11 years 50 weeks ago1161
I saw a report that psychological care for patients with chronic low back pain works. I fall into this category. I'm ready to try just about anything. What kind of psychological treatment do I need?11 years 36 weeks ago1161
I've been told that surgery might help me with my severe back and leg pain from stenosis caused by spondylolisthesis. Just what kind of surgery are we talking about?11 years 10 weeks ago1161
I'm thinking about having lumbar disc surgery. What are the success (failure) rates for this operation?15 years 39 weeks ago1162
I hear they've finally come out with a disc replacement for the low back. I've had my knee replacement for almost 20 years. What took so long?13 years 21 weeks ago1162
I've heard that recent studies show most low back pain is really the result of psychosocial stresses. If this is true, then why do they fuse the spine?13 years 26 weeks ago1162
I've been looking into the new artificial discs for low back pain. I tend to have allergies to dyes, foods, and metals. Would I have a problem with an artificial disc? Are they made of metal?13 years 47 weeks ago1162
I've been searching the web looking for some help for my back pain. I know from an MRI that I have a herniated disc at L4,5. What I can't find is -- what's the best treatment for this problem? Everywhere I look it's a different suggestion from bed rest to acupuncture to surgery. Is there any consensus?12 years 39 weeks ago1162
I'm having some serious back problems at work. The doctor suggested physical therapy but my health insurance doesn't cover PT. Is it worth it to pay out-of-pocket for this service?12 years 21 weeks ago1162
I went to see my family doctor for a sudden problem with back pain. She basically held my hand and did nothing. What kind of help is that? Should I go see a specialist? What kind of doctor do you recommend?11 years 30 weeks ago1162
I have got to do something about this sciatica I'm having. Pain relievers don't do anything. I've even tried narcotics. It's driving me crazy. If I ask for surgery, what would they do? I don't really want them cutting on my leg.11 years 14 weeks ago1162
My father is taking part in a study of older adults with chronic low back pain. We're noticing he's having significantly less pain now that his mental abilities are starting to slip. Should we notify the people running the study? It seems that something like this could really skew their results.11 years 9 weeks ago1162
I see lots of research being done for back pain, but I don't see any results. Why are there so many studies but not much progress in treatment?10 years 43 weeks ago1162
Should I spend a lot of money on the equipment that is supposed to make my back stronger to keep my back from hurting so much?10 years 43 weeks ago1162
Is there any proof that steroid injections work for lumbar disc problems? I'd take a needle poke over surgery any day.10 years 17 weeks ago1162
I've heard there's a way to tell if fusing the low back will help reduce pain by using screws into the spine. Can you tell me more about this?13 years 27 weeks ago1163
I saw an ad looking for back pain patients to join a survey about patient satisfaction. I can't help but wonder just what is patient satisfaction?13 years 17 weeks ago1163

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