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A disc in my low back is causing pain. I'm scheduled to have a surgical procedure called interdiscal electrothermal therapy. Will this surgery make my back weaker?16 years 12 weeks ago3120
A magnetic resonance imaging study shows that I have a gas-filled cyst in my spine. My doctor now wants to do a computed tomography scan with myelography, and a discography. Are these really necessary?9 years 4 days ago2559
A magnetic resonance imaging study shows that I have a gas-filled cyst in my spine. What causes them?9 years 4 days ago2996
About six years ago, I had a steroid injection in my back that worked like a charm. Now that I'm having the same kind of neck pain (goes down my arm), I'm wondering if this could be done to my neck?10 years 1 day ago2605
After months of leg weakness but no pain, my orthopedic surgeon referred me to a special clinic for further testing. They found a tumor in my spine. But when they did the biopsy, the report came back as negative (normal). They didn't find anything. I'm still a bit worried. What if there really is something there and they missed it?8 years 39 weeks ago3284
Airbags only work for front-end automobile collisions. What protects us from a rear or side impact?13 years 15 weeks ago2475
All the research that goes into medicine, such as treating chronic pain, seems to result in costly treatments. Do the researchers ever take into consideration how much a treatment will cost before getting people's hopes up?8 years 27 weeks ago2418
Am I more likely to hurt my back while lifting if the weight shifts or if it’s a sudden, unexpected load?11 years 40 weeks ago2493
Are there any modifiable risk factors for the development of lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration?8 years 33 weeks ago2299
Are there any side effects to having an epidural steroid injection in my back?9 years 9 weeks ago3056
Are women more likely than men to injure their backs in college sports events?15 years 10 weeks ago2498
As a personal trainer, I see a lot of clients with low back pain. Is there something more than aerobic and strength training that I can do to help them?15 years 10 weeks ago2390
As I get older I'm having more aches and pains. For the last two months I've had back and leg pain that doesn't go away. How do I know when I should see a doctor?10 years 44 weeks ago3167
As part of a new program, I had an electrical device implanted in my spine. It is supposed to help bone growth after a spinal fusion. The implant won’t be removed unless there’s a problem. Does this seem right?11 years 39 weeks ago2405
Both my mother and my father are in their 80s and have had spinal stenosis. My father had spine fusion surgery for this problem. My mother didn't, and they both seem to have about the same amount of pain and trouble getting around. Is there any research to show that this operation really works?11 years 10 weeks ago2739
Can anything go wrong with having cement injected into your back for disc problems?8 years 30 weeks ago2960
Can I talk to my doctor about information I get about my medical condition off the internet? Are doctors up to speed with information on the web?12 years 1 week ago2595
Can the strength of back muscles actually be measured?11 years 40 weeks ago2387
Can you tell me what a wedge fracture is? My 88-year-old mother has six wedge fractures of the spine. It's very painful, and she's getting all hunched over because of it. Can anything be done?9 years 7 weeks ago5750
Can you tell me what is a flexion-distraction injury of the spine? We just got word that my brother is in the operating room right now with this problem as a result of a car accident.8 years 51 weeks ago3048
Can you tell me what is Castleman disease and what causes it?10 years 2 weeks ago3464
Can you tell me what naprapathic treatment is? I have a cousin in Sweden who swears by it for his neck pain. Can I get it here in the U.S.?9 years 46 weeks ago2373
Can you tell me what's a dynamic X-ray of the spine? My doctor wants me to have one but I've never heard of that kind.9 years 30 weeks ago6882
Dad has been in a steady decline these last few years. His back really seems to be getting worse and worse. Would a brace of some kind help keep him straight? He's started to get more and more twisted.9 years 34 weeks ago2399
Do doctors use lasers for spine surgery?16 years 13 weeks ago3045
Do holistic treatments for low back pain improve patients' health?15 years 10 weeks ago2505
Do people seeking chiropractic care for back pain have different problems than people who see medical doctors?15 years 9 weeks ago2793
Do people with low back pain have a harder time getting back to their normal activities than people with neck pain?15 years 10 weeks ago2445
Do special devices to help lift and move patients result in fewer injuries for nurses?15 years 21 weeks ago2807
Do weight lifters ever hurt their backs? How do they lift all that weight without injury?13 years 19 weeks ago2641

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