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When will I finish physical therapy--when my back pain goes away?17 years 44 weeks ago1800
Whenever I see the doctor, I always have to fill out some form asking me about my mental outlook and my general health. Why is this information collected?12 years 10 weeks ago1558
Why are doctors trying to replace discs in the back or neck rather than just fusing them together as they used to do?11 years 11 weeks ago1613
Why are some cancers called sarcomas?11 years 30 weeks ago1766
Why are there so many names for disc injuries in the back? I've heard the terms herniated disc, slipped disc, and bulging disc - but they all mean the same thing, right?10 years 7 weeks ago3494
Why do some people with back pain recover while others go on to have chronic pain?16 years 44 weeks ago1655
Why does physical therapy after surgery hurt so much? Can't it cause more damage? I had back surgery and it hurts to go through my exercises.10 years 14 weeks ago2176
Why doesn't my therapist just run the ultrasound along the center of my back, where the pain is?17 years 39 weeks ago1721
Why don't doctors and chiropractors agree about low back pain? My doctor wants to order an X-ray to see what's wrong. My chiropractor says it won't show anything because it's a soft tissue injury. My doctor wants me to rest and take anti-inflammatory drugs. My chiropractor wants to treat me.13 years 18 weeks ago1558
Why don't more people make use of physical therapists? I've gotten the most help from them than anyone else for my back pain. And I've tried a lot of different people from acupuncturists to massage therapy.13 years 18 weeks ago1520
Why is good posture important for my back and neck?17 years 47 weeks ago2004
Why is the back so vulnerable to being hurt?10 years 35 weeks ago2064
Why me? Why now? I'm finally pain-free after back surgery two days ago and now my right thigh is numb. Is this normal? Why me??13 years 13 weeks ago1724
With so many different types of approaches to spinal surgery, how do doctors know which one is best for which patients?10 years 7 weeks ago2001
With so much back pain and injury among adults, shouldn't we start early and teach our children how to prevent these problems?16 years 42 weeks ago1659
Years ago I had a chymopapain injection for a ruptured disc. Now I have another disc problem but can't find anyone to do the injection. Why not?12 years 7 weeks ago2600
Years ago, I was in a car accident and suffered a broken leg and burst fractures of the spine. At that time, I was given the choice of having surgery to repair the vertebrae or casting and bedrest. I chose the more conservative route. I still have some back pain and mild disability. I've always wondered if I took the wrong treatment. Maybe I should have had that operation after all. Is there any way to tell?11 years 6 weeks ago1801
Yesterday I had a car accident when I was rear-ended at a stop light. I'm wondering if I should still go to the emergency room for a check up?13 years 18 weeks ago1678
Yesterday I had my first treatment with a naprapathic doctor. My main problem is head and neck pain. Today I am very sore and my pain is actually a bit worse. Is this normal?11 years 28 weeks ago1839
You hear a lot about people hurting their upper back and their lower back. How come we don't hear as much about the middle part of the back?10 years 1 week ago2151

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